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a short story i want to share with the community

Posted: Aug 27th '17, 23:39
by Greatwhitedragon777
Hey guys!
let me start by saying that you obviously don't know me well, if at all, as I'm not really that active these days, but nevertheless I know you. I've been a long time marathon fan for many many years (well over a decade and a half)
I've played all the marathon scenarios and enjoyed them all. I personally think marathon is the best game that was ever created, because it inspired me to use my imagination to solve problems (long story short)- Marathon is perhaps the story that started it all for me, yes I know that you may not understand what exactly I mean by that, but you don't have to.

What I'm bringing you today is a work I've done, a story if you will more or less with marathon related references in the chapter titles and dialogue. it is a story I hold dear and true to my heart, and I wish to share it with everyone, not just the marathon community.

so here I will post it for now in this format.

I really would appreciate if you could comment on it and give me honest feedback on what you all thought about it, even offer some suggestions on how I could improve it.

so without further ado, here it is!
(in the attached file)
Actually you can read the whole thing now in perfect format here

Re: a short story i want to share with the community

Posted: Aug 28th '17, 00:19
by Greatwhitedragon777
I apologize for the atrocious format of my post, I will clean it up later, the reason the format is bad is because I used notepad i just wanted to post it for now