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Posted: Apr 4th '18, 08:31
by Meerjel01
Mea is an AI that I made for a scenario, which had nothing to do with Marathon and where not that much worked on. The scenario got halted because I didn't write any story whatsoever but only planed what it could have been. I didn't have any good scenario knowledge back in the day and I had only Obed too so that didn't help either.

I just felt like sharing the character here because, for not being Marathon, it's Aleph One related. Mea where to be the AI of a terraforming ship called the J-ero and would assist the cyborg (The Player) through an Alien invasion. (Not the Pfhor but flying Defender like aliens) I don't know much more and can't give out more sources because I'm currently not able to get any now. I based her design of another character of mine from the Hive Workshop.

Just thought it would be fun to share this. Didn't mean to spam anything, just see me as one of the most active posters here.

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Posted: May 3rd '18, 08:53
by Meerjel01
Might use this post for something else then to show off now? Possibly.

I'm getting Xash3D on my Mac to play Half-Life but I'm not someone who is used by the Terminal and I've gotten to know that I must use it to remotely get Xash to work.

Anyone familiar with this? (Sorry for topic changing but this "thread" where not very useful when it first got posted as I got to know)

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Posted: May 5th '18, 14:40
by Meerjel01 ... calvwj.mp4

I made an animation. Is that worth talking about?

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Posted: May 5th '18, 15:36
by $lave

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Posted: May 5th '18, 16:34
by Meerjel01