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Posted: Nov 11th '10, 17:35
by irons

Posted: Nov 11th '10, 17:56
by Dugit
Magnanimous thanks for reminding the community of this great event. :)

Posted: Nov 11th '10, 17:59
by irons
I do what I can to keep the old memories alive. Did you ever read that thing on translating the Troubadours by the way?

Posted: Nov 11th '10, 18:02
by Dugit
Yes I did. It was interesting indeed.

Posted: Nov 11th '10, 23:31
by ???Durandal???
what a Frickin' Coincidence! my birthday is also today! omg. (not kidding)

Posted: Nov 12th '10, 00:27
by Wrkncacnter
OMG and my birthday is NOT today! Coincidence?!?

Posted: May 28th '17, 06:36
by tehWastedJamacan