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its been many years since i have played this game
have been a regular fan since first releases of the marathon trilogy

a few years back, i ran into alpha one, and downloaded each part to yet relive the experience
after my first computer got KO'd by a virus, i bought a new one, and ran right back to the main website

after downloading and playing the game, i realized the graphics were altered, that too very poorly
someone must of had a pie about getting player made versions of the game(s)

i deleted it for many reasons:
made my computer way too slow
very much buggy
and general performance and rendering of the game was completed assimilated due to those mods

i have a state of the art, brand new computer, that i just got about 1 year and 1/2 ago.
so for all this to happen, not cool.
i was really wondering whether it has changed(back) and i haven't downloaded it again
because i don't want trouble.
if the game has been restored to its original value, or if there is another safe place where i can
obtain it, please do me a big favor, and let me know
i will greatly appreciate it :) [a1logo]
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It's a lot better now. They renamed it alephone.
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