Where is Rubicon X?

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I am a long time fan of Marathon, and Rubicon was actually my first game in the series interestingly. I found it on an old MacAddict CD and the story an atmosphere left a permanent mark on me. I discovered it was a scenario from another game and the rest is history.

I have never really been active in the community and it makes me very glad to see this forum is still active, HOWEVER

I was recently reminiscing and decided I want to experience Rubicon again but... it's gone. Trying to go to http://www.marathonrubicon.com/ just throws an error. Everything else is still up. I can download the original trilogy, Aleph one, every other scenario but Rubicon, which makes me sad because it holds a special place in my heart.

Does anyone know what's wrong or who I can contact to get this fixed? Or does anyone have the source files for Rubicon X they could just send me? I just want to play it again. Thanks.
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