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Posted: Jan 8th '08, 18:53
by Coraxus
You think I should keep the background green like the original or use the colors to correspond with the energy recharger?

Posted: Jan 8th '08, 19:21
by The Thug
Very nice, very nice. These textures look great, but with the green in the background, they would probably look better.

Posted: Jan 16th '08, 23:27
by Coraxus
Maybe this topic should be moved to the projects forum?

Posted: Jan 16th '08, 23:47
by kineticturtle
Haha, is that reflection in the pattern buffer your kitchen or something? That's awesome.

Posted: Jan 16th '08, 23:50
by Coraxus
lol, is it that noticable? It's from a Photoshop 3rd party filter that creates reflective spheres.

Posted: Jan 17th '08, 00:15
by treellama
It really does look like a kitchen, dude.

Posted: Jan 17th '08, 00:46
by Coraxus
Try it now, I've improved the reflection.

Posted: Jan 17th '08, 02:42
by megabyte
looks good

Posted: Jan 17th '08, 02:58
by The Thug
You can kind of still tell there's a kitchen, but the reflection covers it up a lot. Nicely done!

Posted: Jan 17th '08, 03:56
by WailofSuicide
Coraxus wrote:Maybe this topic should be moved to the projects forum?
[Terminal pics]
That is shaping up really nicely, good job!

Edit: Fixed.

Posted: Jan 17th '08, 18:46
by Mordekai
Yes, it looks nice. But please don't reply to posts and keep the images in them...