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Posted: Jan 26th '07, 14:07
by Coraxus
Well now, it seems the new topic posting issue has been fixed finally. Anyways, checkout the textures I did long ago. Unfortunately I lost most of the work files due to an external hard crash. :( Only the final products survived the crashed so this is what I have.

Click on "Marathon 2"

Posted: Jan 26th '07, 14:48
by goran
the texture thumbs don't work. It's a pity, the textures look neat at 50x50 pixels.

Posted: Jan 26th '07, 16:42
by Coraxus
I'm using a javascript pop-up to display the images which the browser window shrinks to it's resolution, try turning off the pop-up blocker to see if it works.

Posted: Jan 26th '07, 19:09
by goran
I don't have a popup blocker. Gotta be something else.

Posted: Jan 26th '07, 19:55
by Zott
Not working for me either. Not in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Internet explorer tells me to debug it... which I can't do soo, it must be broken.

Posted: Jan 26th '07, 20:50
by Lugas
Doesn't work for me either. (such a shame, i was expecting something sweet)

Posted: Jan 26th '07, 23:19
by Coraxus
Hrmm, looks like I'll have to remove this popup thingy then.

Posted: Jan 27th '07, 00:20
by Coraxus
Okay, try it now.

Posted: Jan 27th '07, 03:17
by Zott

Posted: Jan 27th '07, 03:21
by Switch
Works for me [MSmile]

Posted: Jan 27th '07, 10:18
by Selbstmord
Well, they're nice. But they're just 256x256, I've moved on to using 1024x1024 and higher texture dimensions...

Posted: Jan 27th '07, 17:31
by Phobos-Romulus
Works for me, great job!

Posted: Jan 28th '07, 06:55
by Sam Lowry

Looks great. If you have some free time .... :-)

Posted: Jan 28th '07, 14:14
by treellama
Edit: wrong thread

Posted: Jan 28th '07, 14:35
by Lugas

Posted: Apr 21st '07, 17:49
by Tomgun
Coraxus wrote:Anyways, checkout the textures I did long ago.
Some of these are really excellent. However, they are too small. Should be at least 512 natural resolution (not blown-up or resized, which always looks like hell).

I'm going to try some of these, though. I still have some 256's in use, and they actually look very acceptable even at 1650 wide with the HUD. The water door is a nice addition, as is the metal lattice.

Great work! More please!

Posted: Apr 21st '07, 17:52
by Tomgun
Coraxus wrote:Anyways, checkout the textures I did long ago.
P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you for Sewage 25! That has been one texture I could never find a replacement for. The one in the Hi-Res Texture Set is just terrible, but this one of your is sweet! Thank you!

Posted: May 19th '07, 01:27
by Coraxus
Haven't visited the Pfhorums for awhile but just to let you know, I've decided to start redoing the whole thing in 1024, so every now and then I'm picking on the project.

Posted: May 19th '07, 20:26
by herecomethej2000
SpeedyG started working on them as well though I havent heard anything in a little while
not bad though perhapse youguys could work together and dish out something better then Tim vogels project, but then that was the problem with vogels project that It had a veratity of artists doing each texture

Posted: May 23rd '07, 02:38
by Coraxus
What I have done so far in re-creating textures in 1024 formats:

Posted: May 23rd '07, 16:26
by MoppyPuppy
They're too clean looking.

But if you could make some all new textures that were all messed up after centuries of aging, and if they were made to make the actual game look as awesome as the M2 Chapter screens, then add light blue fog everywhere, that would be the most kick ass thing EVER.

Posted: May 23rd '07, 18:13
by Coraxus
Okay, I've gone back and added some erosion to the switches, I think they turned out better this time.

Posted: May 23rd '07, 18:48
by herecomethej2000
did you look at speedy G's stuff?

Posted: May 23rd '07, 19:00
by Coraxus
I did, and I liked some of the details in some of the textures I've seen, though I kind of think that in some of the tiles, he should of made the a bit more recognizable like the original ones, but that's my opinion.

Posted: May 24th '07, 01:42
by herecomethej2000
yah I agree, but they are good examples of the kind of gritty people would like to see.