15 MINUTES of [b]FAME[/b]

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As cultured gentlemen know, there is only one way to engage in Mararthon duel.

Beyon Thunderdome

15 minutes

Heres my log file of my game with wrk (played today 2014-07-25 00:30 UTC) see attached film if you need to.

:wub: 1st minute :wub:
00:30:00 - 00:31:00
start as usual. meet in middle ground where wrk aim for feet i aim for head
run out of ammoes in rocket run out of ammoes in rifle


after 40 second i draw first bleed.

return to rockets when wrk spawn

:) 00:31:00 - 00:32:00 :)
more rocket mostrly platforms jumping
someone suicideseach other

i gota good shot (sort of) on him but HE stalks in hallways after life back!
25sec until next minute i get lucky killing him again.........................................................................................
............................then he come down and dodge hotmodal like

he stillim aimingf or feet, gets shot wuick on me.

5 second to go!suicide someone on each other
back to hallway both ofd us
:o 00:32:00 - 00:33:00 :o

i swtich assault rifle after some volleys

couple hits bullets, then wrkncacnter out with PISTOL and FIST
he dies

26 - 20 seconds in the minuts left: i type something
he used guns on me
he used guns on me
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quick hide in teleport arrow shot with missile on wrk face!

:wacko: 00:33:00 - 00:34:00 he has pistoll! :wacko:

snipe at me i try punches;
both punch at same time after lift...... ~~~~~~~~~~
thirty seconds on dots he punches dead me
or does
16 secons to do and suicide again why are we suicide?

last moment me irons faithful reporter does trick at edge so i can sneak wrk almost hits with missile

sneak is on irons instead

:D 00:34:00 - 00:35:00 :D

DOUBLE KILL! first second of minute, no suicides this one"
i enrage with postol! while i reload wrk also switchesprolonged duel section
i movbe for kill with punch
ten seconds to go, air punch
hotmodal lives in us

wrk knows he has me almost die and swoop with pissol to kill while rockets fly

:ph34r: i reload 00:35:00: - 00:36:00 :ph34r:
9 seconds later he shoots he hill
kill me
wek switch to missoles! look out iron

becse missile hit 20 feet away hit irons feet kills him wow engine trick?

oly ninteen secons into minuts and wrk has kill

anger or ammoes make irons switch in main arena switch to

one bullet hit wrk retrates to ledge gets arifle too battle ensues
grenades battle turns bullets
SCORE iros ten seconond to go

well i think phppb says my post is too long! more highlist just watch the
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