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Show off all of your Marathon-related art and music here.
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Direct link in case that doesn't load right.

I think I forgot to post this here last year, but I threw a lot of the Myth and Marathon Solidworks models I made for fun during University into one image and made a card. Visible are the KKV-7 (same model I used for the HD sprites plugin and my personal change to the first person model you may see in some videos), a Beserk's sword from Myth, a simplistic rendition of an M1 Fusion Pistol, the Tain from Myth, a goofy looking M1 S'pht, the Security Officer's head, and a Terminal Tree.

I graduated in June (in something completely unrelated to graphic design as you may have guessed), and they closed my last loophole into the program last month, so while criticism is welcome, I can't really do anything with it.
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Aww, it's very charming. Good work! [MGrin]
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