My custom Eat the Path terminal map (drawn, not a map file)

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My custom map of the Marathon Infinity level Eat the Path which I drew in 2013. Special thanks goes out to Kristina Alice Pincombe: it was her kind words when she saw the unfinished map which gave me the strength to finish it, creating what you see here. As I was in high school (secondary school) at the time, I didn't have easy access to Eat the Path's map nor videos of the level so I was largely working from memory. Due to this, sections of the map are not accurate and due to space, a couple of areas are missing. The idea was to draw the map to represent it as an actual dream, using my own experiences at the time as a template.

I've only used links as trying to imbed the images directly like I want makes them appear too big and as I found out when embedding images before, attempting to use the resize code doesn't do anything. If it's been fixed since then I wouldn't know.

Below are the different areas of the map in detail. ... 1_1280.jpg

You start in a four poster bed in a dark void of swirling stars and a wormhole like vortex serving as the entrance to the next room. ... 1_1280.jpg

The old lava room where you started the original map is now a (drained?) swimming pool. The ways out are the liquid/5D stairs you must walk up, or the liquid disabled lift in the nearby jacuzzi section. Stay away from the black squares below the stairs and lift: they are pool drains and they are an instant kill.

When you get to the black metal upper platform, the floor closes up like in the original map, trapping you in the maze. The poem on the terminal is the exact same as the original map. ... 1_1280.jpg

The main lava room and walkway on the main path now has a flickering time/space rift and a clock falling into a black hole, symbolising the end of the world. The time on the clock and the section of a clock in the rift both read 4 past midnight, as a reference to Stephen King’s short story collection. ... 1_1280.jpg

You are meant to use letter to number code to spell out a protagonist’s name from my badly unfinished Marathon tie in novels. (hardly even past the first two chapters and in dire need of proof reading/revising) That is how you solve the puzzle needed to raise the walkways to the next area. It’s no longer a simple switch. ... 1_1280.jpg

The terminal is meant to show a made up story for this map. The high-pitched S’pht are replaced with Bobs and a shaft to “code mines” This isn’t lethal but the shaft doesn’t actually lead anywhere. ... 1_1280.jpg

The side room with a light switch in it before the desert window room is now a battery recharge puzzle needed to open a door to that room. ... 1_1280.jpg

The S’pht above the lava pool by the Pattern Buffer have been replaced with a Stone Thresher maw, a lava and volcanic rock monster similar to a sarlaac, only made of volcanic stone with lava within it from a nightmare I actually had in 2011. ... 1_1280.jpg

The desert skybox room with the three terminals has changed shape a bit to make room for the areas below due to paper space. The three terminals show the full Man with the Knife story from Marathon Infinity’s dream levels in 3 parts. ... 1_1280.jpg

The trick sky room and 5D vents are still there. ... 1_1280.jpg

The toilet and pit things are meant to be weird traps, partially inspired by a visual gag in Yahtzee's Heavy Rain Zero Punctuation, but I honestly forgot what half of them are in the 6 years since I drew this. The same goes for the symbols on the platforms in the lava to the right. I think they were meant to symbolise how gold forms, but that’s just a guess on my part. ... 1_1280.jpg

The old main exit terminal shows another made up story: a log from the God of fire, Iblis. The puzzle here is to climb into the grave nearest to the terminal to teleport to the final room. All the rest are traps. ... 1_1280.jpg

The stairs textured with lava above the lava pits you had to jump over the in the level’s hard path are unchanged. ... 1_1280.jpg

This is the second portion of the lava stairs. I did not have access to the actual map of Eat the Path at the time and was working from memory, so some rooms may be different or in the wrong place/wrong shape. ... 1_1280.jpg

This room is identical to the original map. The terminal displays the Hanger 96 terminal texts in full. The hallways and ledges to the south (or is it west?) of the lift in the corner are not shown as I had forgotten what they looked like and didn’t have much space left anyway. ... 1_1280.jpg

The blue hologram terminal is in what used to be the lava tank room with the enforcers in it. The terminal displays a S’pht history terminal detailing the story of Yrro and Pthia, historic facts of both Lh’owon and Earth, including the events of the games, cutting off just before the events of Infinity and giving a brief description of the Electric Sheep Cybernetic Junction. (I named the junction this long before I read the Phillip K Dick novel, which I first started reading this year at time of writing in fact(note: that's 2018))

Above, you can see the HOME message in the secret lava room. ... 1_1280.jpg

This room is unchanged. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether it actually says IN HOME or NO HOME in the polygon lighting as due to the way the room is lit in the original map, it could be both. The room is also not positioned right due to my not having access to a picture of the original level map for reference. ... 1_1280.jpg

The poem at the start is not lying: you are finding your way through the maze to the food, shown in a dialog box at the end of those two lines. You eat the right one and you will be allowed to see the final terminal. I’m not sure how to implement this if I were to actually remake this map in the game itself. ... 1_1280.jpg

The Portal Cake makes you sick and kills you. ( I mean, just listen to the recipe GLaDOS has for it in her Blue Core in Portal 1) The burning lemon cake sends you right back to the start of the level (i.e. The liquid stairs pool room by the original Eat the Path intro terminal) and all the baddies respawn.The cake that shows the level map itself on it with 7 candles activates the exit terminal and lets you leave.

The exit terminal has adaptions of the Kill Your Television terminal/End Terminal in Marathon Eternal, the start of the credits terminal in Marathon 2 and a message from Solaris himself. (where he parodies Durandal for the hell of it) Both paths in this map lead to this final room. There are baddies in the map and they are supposed to be Pathways into Darkness monsters. Namely Greater Nightmares, Banshees and Shocking Spheres.
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