Siege of Lh'owon

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This is a mashup of Craig Hardgrove's remix of Rapture and Wilykit's lullaby from Thundercats, as I feel they go well together, with Siege of Madrigal from Halo added to the end as an outro.

I don't know how to use Quicktime let alone 2.0 as a MIDI version of the lullaby added to the original Rapture, as a MIDI version of this sounds cool if anyone would like to try.

I hope this it's OK to post this here and on my log; I had to post it on the latter first as MP3 files can't be embedded here for some reason. EDIT: I only just found out how to embed the BB code audio player, but I can't seem to get the damn thing to embed properly/EDIT I don't know how to contact Craig, Kevin or Marty so hopefully fair use applies. :unsure:

Log ... f-wilykits

Downloadable version ... 05&o=OneUp

My attempt is quite an amateur job as I just cut and pasted the tracks in Audacity, but I hope you like it all the same. I thought the lullaby would fit as a long lost S'pht "sound poem" describing the Pfhor (and Gravemind, going by Thundercats as well) enslavement of the S'pht in their own machine language. Maybe some of the S'pht captive on the flood infested Dreadnaught (now crashed -in the future- in the Kemet desert west of Soleanna) shared it around other S'pht and previously captured morph or alien species now on Third Earth, including some of the Kaminari.

Rapture has similar sounding flutes or ocarinas, especially in Craig's version. I just put the two together as it sounded nice in my head, I hope it sounds nice in practice too.
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