Scoring Marathon 2: Waterloo Waterpark

Show off all of your Marathon-related art and music here.
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Hi, I'm new, and have been getting into Marathon. I had this idea one day of starting a project to score every level of the second game in the series, since it doesn't have any music past the title screen, but I quickly realized that it would be a bit of a daunting task for me to do with the other projects I have on my plate at the moment; composing for someone else already, doing art commissions, programming and composing for a little game in GameMaker, stuff like that. So I figured I'd throw together the one song for the first level, and welp, here I am.

When I had the idea for this project, I really didn't wanna just ape the first game's style. I have a particular style to my music, and it kinda runs counter to how the first game is composed, and I feel like ramming my style in that box wouldn't be very fun for me to do. I did try and evoke somewhat Landing, but I wanted to aim for the more naturalistic setting of Lh'owon, something more open and overgrown rather than the mechanical setting of the Marathon. The percussive intro is actually meant to complement the first thing that happens in the game after you teleport in, matching with the brief fight between the BoBs and the first wave of Pfhor before the BoBs teleport out and leave you to explore the complex.

I made this, like most of my songs, in PxTone, with some samples gathered off of GarageBand and many, many miscellaneous sample collections from across the Internet.

Song is here.
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Yes, go for it. The polyphony and kinesis is what Marathoncore needs -- and I need more Marathoncore. For inspiration, hear my band's double-disc soundtrack for Mararthon: Yuge. Thank you for sharing.
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