Scoring Marathon 2 - Fanmade Soundtrack by BlackMageAnolis

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So in the last thread, I'd posted the first song in this project that I've kinda wanted to keep on the backburner for now, but I have an idea for a song for the next level and now here it is.

Sidenote: The first song is currently in its own thread here, but all future songs I make for this project will be posted into this thread, so I won't create another thread in the case I make another song after this.

02 - The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

I'm super proud of this one, though I fear I may have went a little overboard. There's a sort of ebb and flow between the four sections, and one could probably get through the level without hearing much of it, considering how much of it goes unexplored if you try and get through it as fast as possible, but it's a real treat of you want to go 'splorin'!

I really like this one :0 Some instruments are mixed really loud though and it gets pretty overwhelming at points. Not sure how much control you have of that with whatever midi arranger you're using.
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I like it! To me personally it might be a little overhelming having it during play, but that's on me. I think that's a good match nonetheless [MUp]
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