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I always use the Total Texture Enhancement to play the Marathon games, and the environment looks great. But the guns and items such as barrels do not. i was wondering if the 32-bit fusion enhancement makes the items look better. I tried it and didn't think so. What exactly does it do? Does it only work for Marathon 1? Also, is Rubicon X an upgrade to Marathon 1, or a new scenario? Does the Total Texture Enhancement make the game into "real 3D?" and are there any other graphical upgrades available?
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32-bit fusion enhancement does not the items look better, It enhanced the fusion bolts, but has been replaced by a Shots Fired set which replaces every shot, source.bungie has been updated.

I think the script only works for Marathon Inf

Rubicon X is a new scenario which uses the Aleph One engine.

Nobody is trying to create "real 3D" in Aleph One. It's a bit of a hot topic but is mostly part of the list of things that will not be created becouse it's not true to the engine along with sniper rifles, vehicles, jumping and crouching. ( Thats a good enough answer, can we please not dive that direction with this topic? )

All the graphical upgrades (textures, landscapes, shots fired) are listed on

The texture enhancement package omly enhances textures. Unfortunately, there is nothing that enhances the rest of the sprites in the game, other than the newer projectile sprite enhancements from the Nardo group ( The problem is, the rest of the sprites would require more work than anyone is willing to do. We have already had a discussion about this:

Please don't mention it again -_-

Anyway, the fusion sprite enhancer is only meant to change the fusion projectiles of Marathon 2 an Infinity. It has inconsistent behavior; I could never get it to work, but other peopel could.

Rubicon (and its recent verison, Rubicon X) is what we call a "total conversion." The original Rubicon was based off of Marathon Infinity, but only loosley. Almost all of the weapons were updated, etc. It required the Infinity files for a while, to ensure that Bungie's copyright rules were followed. Rubicon X is stand-alone, thanks to the Trilogy Release and its implications. All that is required now is to grab a copy of the Alepg One engine and drop it into the Marathon Rubicon X folder that results from expanding the Zip file. Many view it as a sequel to Infinity, or perhaps an alternate timeline instead of Infinity.

The texture enhancement does not make Aleph One into a 3-D engine. It's just a collection of images that replace the wall and floor textures normally available. True 3d is very, very different from this. I am not really qualified to talk about 3D engines any more, but it's ok, because I answered your question :P
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Let me try and answer these one after the other.
The 32-bit fusion enhancement only makes the fusion bolt look good. Not Barrels.

Marathon Mean M1A1? The Fusion bolts will not work with the original Marathon, and as for M1A1, they moved and switched many shapes around to get the setup to work, so the 32-bit Fusion might replace something else than a Fusion bolt, or might not show up if it gets overridden. Though go ahead and try, it shouldn't destroy your computer.

Rubicon X is a new Scenario, use with Aleph One.

The Texture Enhancement does just that, enhances the textures. There is no additon to 3D. However, feel free to create 3D models for the same, there a tutorials for that under the term "spnkrghol" in Google.
This site-> Will lead you to the Projectile Enhancement, look for it near the bottom of the page.
There is a Landscape Enhancement file, look for that on .
Lastly, if you search around on the pfhorums, there was a file that smooths out the weapons so they arn't as blocky, but the effect gained in neglagable in comparison to the other enhancements.
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I'm adding this to the FAQ...
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Hmm, it be cool if there was a graphic enhancement for weapon sprites. But since it hasn't been done, I suppose one could actually create the 3D models, including hands, and then render them out in some flat 2D image format which could be then be imported to the game.
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