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Something I've been wondering about for a while. What are all of the known differences in Marathon 1's build of the engine as opposed to 2/Infinity's version? I already know that it had a different HUD, that the only the left fist was used, and that liquid media was flat like Doom, but when it comes to everything else, I'm curious what the subtle quirks and changes there were.

Like, what was the horizontal FOV in Marathon 1, still 80? It seems that it had a higher vertical FOV if it was 80, since the aspect ratio was lower (less wide) in Marathon 1's viewport. In fullscreen, how was the FOV handled?

Of the original engines, I've only ever played the Windows version of M2, and I notice that it limits the vertical FOV in fullscreen to what it is in the 2:1 ratio viewport when not using fullscreen, meaning that it cuts off horizontal FOV. Did M1 have a higher FOV in fullscreen since it may have have had a higher vertical FOV in the HUD viewport?

Also, more importantly, what other differences are there in game behavior itself compared to M1A1? I heard that platform sounds were handled differently, but how I'm not sure.
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There's no comprehensive list I know of; Treellama and I keep finding them ourselves. Besides the items you mentioned, one of the biggest was that Marathon had a different set of polygon types for waking monsters and controlling ambushes. Instead of zone borders, monster triggers, and blind/deaf monsters, Marathon 1 used the badly-named glue, superglue, and glue triggers:
  • Sounds (including monster activation sounds) don't enter glue, but they can leave them.
  • Monsters on glue polys act as if they're deaf, until you're in the poly with them. Monsters are not blind.
  • Glue triggers activate all monsters, glue or not, until they hit superglue. Monsters in or beyond superglue will not be awakened, even if a monster nearby was activated.
  • Superglue has no impact on activation, besides stopping glue triggers.
Lighting was also pretty different. Walls didn't have their own lighting; instead they were lit based on the floor/ceiling. If you want to get technical, you can take a look at my M1 conversion scripts or the SVN changelog, which is filled with M1-compatibility fixes.

I believe the vertical FOV was about the same in both, with the horizontal FOV widened in M2. If you turn on "Limit Vertical View" in the preferences and use the Classic HUD, it should match up pretty well to the original.
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