loading gun sounds?

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Is it possible to have a sound play when loading a weapon (such as in Damage Incorporated)?
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Loading as in bringing up weapon from the inventory or Reloading a weapon?

The sound for reloading a weapon can be set in the physics file. It would be under Weapons/____/Trigger Settings using ShapesFusion or Anvil.

As for bringing up a weapon:
I imagine it would also be possible by using lua or editing the shapes file.

Edit shapes - Change the idle animation to have 2 equivalent frames. Have the frame 0 be the keyframe and have a corresponding keyframe 'ready' sound attached of your choice. Then have the animation loop from frame 1 so the sound only plays once. [Untested.]

Lua - check which gun is equipped. If the gun equipped this frame is not the same equipped as the last frame, then play a sound.
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