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Bug when standing on fast lowering platforms

Posted: Jan 17th '20, 02:49
by Blastfrog
My specs aren't relevant as this is a gameplay logic issue, not rendering or anything of the sort.

So, a while back Aleph One fixed the irritating issue of bouncing on fast lowering platforms by snapping the player to the ground when they've landed. This generally works, except for an oversight it seems; in water, you are stuck to the platform and cannot swim off of it.

I haven't tested it, but it may be worth looking into seeing if grenades (your own or others') can still bounce you off the ground when on a fast platform. EDIT: Yeah, grenades still bounce you. Still can't swim off of them, however.

Re: Bug when standing on fast lowering platforms

Posted: Jan 7th '21, 01:59
by Blastfrog
It has been an entire year and no one has responded. That's disappointing.

I'd like to bring up another problem with this alteration of the game mechanics. There are some parts of the level design in 2 and Infinity that have very fast platforms moving up and down constantly. With the original mechanics, you'd fall slowly and have more of an opportunity to time your forward run to ledges that you were meant to be able to run onto. In Aleph One, you're stuck to the platform the entire time, making the challenge much more difficult than it needs to be.

I almost wonder if a sort of similar quirk as Super Mario Bros 1 has could be something of a compromise solution. In that game, it retained the last speed you were falling at before landing on the ground the next time you're airborne for any reason. The same could be done for landing on platforms (and disabling the rebound bouncing mechanic) and eventually the falling speed would match the platform's speed when going down, but it would also enable these fast and constant up-down platforms to be traversed much like the original game. (The falling velocity would need to be set to 0 whenever the platform was moving up and you were on it, however.)

Re: Bug when standing on fast lowering platforms

Posted: Jan 7th '21, 08:11
by Pfhorrest
Almost nobody reads these forums anymore. You might try bugging Treellama or someone on the Marathon Discord instead, which you can find here: