How can I change my FOV?

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I'm trying to play Marathon using Aleph One but frankly the FOV is making me feel nauseous with how zoomed in everything is. I've tried looking up an FOV fix but the one fix I've found doesn't work and every time I try it the game doesn't wanna open anymore. Am I doing something wrong? Someone please help me figure this out, I really wanna play this game but I can't stomach looking at it with the default FOV
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The easiest way is to make a plaintext file named “FOV.mml” containing the following text:

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		<fov normal="108"/>
And drop it in your Scripts folder. Change “108” to whatever number suits you (the default is 90).

However, note that this won’t work with certain scenarios such as Rubicon and Eternal, which specify their own FOVs in their MML. In Rubicon this is in… one of the scripts files; I can’t recall which. Eternal used to specify FOVs for each individual level, which made it impossible to customise the FOV, but this will be fixed in 1.2.1, which will specify a global FOV value in general.mml. In games that specify their own values you’ll just have to find them and change them.

Also note that some people have reported that the default FOV is less nauseous with the classic HUD. If you haven’t yet, you might want to try turning the XBLA HUD plugin off before going through all these steps. (If you want to maximise this effect, you might want to change HUD size to “Largest” as well – this restores the game’s original aspect ratio, which might make a difference for some players.)
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