AlephOne ported to Android

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Hey everyone!

Porting AlephOne has always been kind of an hobby of mine, every time I want to play Marathon again I end up porting it to some new system (someone may remember me for the PSP port, back in the days..).
This time was Android's turn, I was really surprised that no Android version existed yet.

Anyway, you can find the first alpha release on GitHub here.

<Technical boring stuff>

I've forked the original AlephOne's repository and committed all my changes in a feature branch. The changes should happily coexist with the existing codebase, this should make it easier to keep the Android port up to date (something I definitely did wrong on the PSP port). If you think it's useful I can open a pull request and we can discuss the technical details there.

Other than that, everything that is needed to build AO on Android is in another repository (the one I linked above) which uses the codebase as a submodule. Android's build system is a behemoth and it didn't feel right to pull all that stuff into AlephOne's repo. I think this solution turned out pretty nice in the end and should be maintainable in the long run but let me know what you think.

</Technical boring stuff>

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I don't have an android device but if I did, I'd try to play marathon on it

this is a good thing

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This is awesome! It’s great to bring another major platform into the community!

I’ve done a bunch of work on the iOS port, and a recurring problem is that players can’t include their Android friends in multiplayer matches. Net play is super fun when everyone is in the same room together, and now virtually everyone carries Marathon-capable device with them at all times. :D
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