Pfhor pronunciation.

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Drictelt wrote:Whats up with all of you guys not able to pronounce anything?
It doesn't take a nucular scientist to pronounce foilage!
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Da Spadger wrote:I try to pronounce those words like they are spelled. Pfhor and S'pht isnt that hard once you learn to pronounce W'rkncacnter without adding vowels everywhere.
As a native speaker of German, pronouncing "pf" comes naturally. I actually even pronounce the "h" in Pfhor by forcibly aspirating the consonant cluster. I find it makes the puns funnier rather than breaking them. What's the point of pronouncing Morpfhine as "Morphine"? Where's the fun in correctly pronouncing some English word?

As for other words:
S'pht: I try to say that without any vowels, but usually fail due to laziness, ending up with something like s-fut (one and a half syllables).
W'rkncacnter: Vur-kn-KUCK-n-ter (five syllables!)
Jjaro: Juh-JAH-ro (two and a half syllables)
Mjolnir: MYOL-neer
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