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Gathering a LAN (local) game?

Posted: Aug 15th '14, 21:29
by bryanus
Hi guys. Is it possible to gather a game on my local network? I seem to only be able to gather games if I advertise it on the Internet and my players select Find game on Internet. I never see players if I don't choose to Advertise the game.


Re: Gathering a LAN (local) game?

Posted: Aug 15th '14, 22:03
by Sharkie Lino
You're actually okay by not advertising your game in the internet (in fact, leave that off if you want to strictly do a LAN game), but it is your joiners that must do something different.

After they click on "Join Network Game", they have to click the JOIN button and not the FIND INTERNET GAME button. I think in this case, the Join By Address box is also unchecked.

Re: Gathering a LAN (local) game?

Posted: Aug 24th '14, 03:23
by Ares Ex Machina
Yes, joining by address is no guarantee it won't be over the internet. The IP address of the last host whose game you joined gets saved there, so if it's the same host again and you choose that option, the game might be over the internet instead of the LAN.