How to use the cheats

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Marathon looks like a fun game I can play with my nephew but he's six, he's not very good. How do the cheats work? According to the instructions (1) I need to find the "mml folder" and create a file. I see an mml file but no folder and what kind of file do I need to make a text file using notepad? I'm not much of a hacker but I have a hard time believing a simple text file with the text on the page could affect the game so much. Does anybody have the cheat file listed in ign?

1. Is it alright if I leave a link on this site? Its from IGN and it's titled "Aleph One Cheats"

EDIT: never mind, I found the cheat file. Sorry to bother everybody.
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Glad you got it running. Happy carnage.
It logs the cheats so if'n you use the same one
again and again, after pushing the \ key, push the arrow
and it will scroll through the previous commands, so
\ arrow enter will replay the previous command.
I just play 'em; I don't know how they work.
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