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Oh yeah, this is my 2nd marathon fanfiction since....<insert time here>

Anyway, Here's the chapter 1 of the story.

Tell me what you think about it!


Chapter 1

(On "this side toward enemy")


Laid there was the flick'ta, it was alive before it was killed by the marine just a second ago with his fists.

He ran to a terminal, and activated it.

"Hello." The marine said.

"This is a poor time for introductions, but I'm Robert Blake."

"You're the guy that Durandal was talking about, right?"

"If you means the human leader, yes, that's me. I used to be a mechanical engineer on Tau Ceti, but now I'm somehow in command of the remaining human and S'pht survivors on this God-forsaken rock."

"You looked a bit dazed, I think they hit you too hard, you know those pfhors that took you prisoner for nearly a month before we can find you, but unfortunately, nothing changed since your capture and Durandal's destruction.."

"There's a virus down here which kills pfhor in a matter of hours; Our S'pht said it was bio-engineered by their ancestors during the war against the Pfhor a thousand years ago. Whatever; as long as it's saving our butts."

"Durandal's last instruction were for us to reactivate a dormant S'pht AI, sealed beneath the surface. It's only reachable through teleportation, we hope you'll succeed where we have failed."

"Good luck."


By the way, I just replicated Blake's speech, and the chapter 2's done...But I'm not sure if I should post it or not...
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Hmm... I think this will get intresting, hope to see more soon. There is a great lack of long fanfics for Marathon. By the way, im writing a book about marathon, with events that takes place in an alternate universe, im aiming at about 500 pages. How long will you make yours? By the way (again), do you mind if i post some of my work (not progress, damn it. I hate writing wrong words) here too?
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Uhhh......Go on...

I didn't think about how long would this fic be, by the way.

Anyway, one more post and I'm posting chapter 2.


Maybe I don't mind, then?

I mean, what kind of progress?
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Ok then, here is the prologe to the book, i have only soo far written about 3 pages of the first chapter but i have a lot in mind. It might take a while, but i take most of my inspiration as time passes. Hopefully, i will release the first chapter whitinn the following 6 months.

Hmm... Upload error, damn. Ill try and host it somewhere.

The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the 'uploads' directory. Please contact the board administrator and inform them of this error.

Gah! Oh well, check my DA account: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/40383776/
It looked much better in word with the diffirent fonts, italic and bold letters.
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Well, your story's kinda interesting, but could use some spelling check.

Alright, here's the second chapter!!!


Chapter 2

"Two things, non-organic beings,
One was captured by other one.
As one was collapsing,
The other one swapped their shells."

(Beginning of "God will Sort the Dead")

He's already in a building with four guys as his company.

"Hi." He says.

"Help us! We got simulacrums in our group!"

"Then why the hell are you still wearing green?"

"Well, actually, what would you choose between green uniform and no uniform?"

*BANG!* He fired his pistol, the results are two men being shocked and two men still standing.

"Oh, I'm quite sure that you two are not scared by those shots, are you?"

The two men that were standing had begun moving themselves to the marine.

"Don't shoot!"
"Help me!"

"Oh, calm down! There's nothing to fear about those pistols, you guys have used them, haven't you?"

Two pairs of blinking red eyes, two genitaless and two brainless men continued moving toward the marine.


"Oh, FUCK!" *BLAM!* *BLAM!* He fired two shots, one for each simulacrums' head, spilling yellow bloods in process.

They're now blowing up like someone planting C4 inside their stomachs. Except the fact that it's grosser.

The marine entered the next room.

"Everyone listen to my commands. This is a serious matter." He calmly spoke. "DUCK!" He shouted.

"Quack?" A man says, jokingly.

*BLAM!* As expected, he put a shot in that man's head, but instead of bleeding yellow, he bled red.


Now there's 5 men standing, and 9 men sitting down.

*BLAM!* *BLAM!* *BLAM!* *BLAM!* Four shots was wasted on those simulacrums' heads, but one was still standing, the one that wasn't shot.

It begun to move closer to the marine.

"Shit, I need to reload! Damnit."

It was running, now it's 2 meters near the marine and closing the distance between them.

The marine himself was still reloading his gun.

It's now a meter near the marine.

Fortunately, the marine was able to deliver a kick on it's own stomach.


The simulacrum was sent flying, at least it would be if not for the building's roof.

It was crashing to the floor, before bleeding yellow blood.

Everybody nearby was running away, when it exploded.

Two unlucky men, that were too slow to run away were blasted by the simulacrum's explosion, reduced to a pile of bones and blood.

He opened the next door, only to find a few more simulacrums within a group of green bobs.

Suddenly, the simulacrums stopped speaking and standing like they waited from something.

"Commands received from Tycho..." They said in alien-robotic voice.
"Self-destruction sequence activated."

Several curses were heard, following by many attempts to escape and quickly ended by an explosion.


How's the fic?

Note: My "Blake" is capable of making weapons, as he's an engineer, he can make many kinds of devices, also.

*Chapter 3 is still in progress*

P.S.Please do not tell me what to write about in this fic, I have an ending assigned for it, I just only need to progress the story to the ending. Meanwhile, everything's start going weird after this chapter...

Here's the trailer for chapter 3.

"Where, where am I?"
Several strings of codes flew past him.

Out there, he found some kind of computer, and it's capable of converting spoken words into text format.
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Ah, its funny and good, hope to see some more. By the way, my damn word 2002 dont have spell check, so yepp, it contains misspellment.
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Ya mean microsoft word?

Thought it'll highlight the words that are misspelt with red underline, you can right click it and find the right word..
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Well no, since my language is not english, and i cant seem to get english installed.
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Alrighty, here's the chapter three.


Chapter 3

"Large ruins.
Bloods everywhere.
Yellow and red.
Spread the nightmare.

(In the ruins of "God will sort the dead")

"This is what we feared, but I never thought that it'll ever happen."" Blake said.

Many blood splattered on the floor, walls and ceiling.
Many kinds of organs had been found scattering along the floor.

"We also found a piece of machinery, it looks like some kinds of signal sending device." A security bob said while holding some kind of device, as small as a fist.

"Weird, how would it been there?"

"It must be Tycho, he may have implanted it on a simulacrum. So if the simulacrum was destroyed, the device will send a signal to other simulacrums in the area, giving them commands to blow up."

A figure appeared in the room.

The blood-splattered marine slowly walked in...

"This is my first failure... since the time that I was a security guard..."

"It's OK, you've tried your best." Blake said.

"Maybe I had tried my best, but for the next time...



"Where, where am I?"
Several strings of codes flew past him.

Out there, he found some kinds of computer, and it's capable of converting spoken words into text format.


"Can't you remember? We're on our homeworld." A loud, alien voice spoke.

"How can I get the hell...away from this place?"

"What'd you mean? You helped us for a ling long time, guide us against the human and now you're going to leave?" It's the alien voice again, even though it's louder.

"Hello? E-7102? Mind fixin' him again? He seemed very weird lately." Now it's the same sound, but from far away.

Everything was dark once again, like the time he first awoke in this place.

Except the fact that he can't move himself at all.


The marine, who was standing, was now falling, lying there on the blood splattered floor.

'Remaining Battery = 2%'

'The AI requirements are above your hardware specifications. Running the AI might result in high battery usage and overwhelming process for the CPU, would you like to continue?'

"Damn, this took more hardware performance than I thought."
'Would you like to recharge your battery?'

He was now charging his battery, for cyborgs standards it's 'charging' but for human standards, it's 'resting'


*BEEP!* "WARNING! INTRUDER DETECTED!" An female AI's security system was activated.

"What the?"

The scanner was shown as a figure, that of pfhor fighter.

"How the hell could it attack our base? I thought the virus will make them die!" Unknown bob said.

"Look closer." Blake commanded his security camera.

The video zooms in.

This pfhor fighter seems to have a cannon on it's eye, it's staff was made from laser, as each slashing made with the weapon pierce through everything it made contact with.

Worse yet, it happen to have some kind of engine in it's feet. And it's very agile, too agile for a normal pfhor.

"Good news: It's just a cyborg-pfhor, it's half organic and half robotic.

Bad news: They're good at kicking ass, so I'll kill it myself."


Blake was now confronting the monster.

Blake equipped his gun, ''M-700 Fusion Gauss pistol'.

Cyborg pfhor tried to strike Blake with the Laser staff but missed.

Blake turned on 'senses multiplier' a bracelet on his left arm.

Cyborg pfhor tried to stab Blake within a blink of an eye, but missed.

*PiSHHHHHH...* he fired, it almost hit it's head, when it blocked with the laser staff.

*WHRR!* The cyborg pfhor swung it's staff, that he countered by shot one of it's hand off, the cannon on it's eye was glowing.

It's staff fell, but before Blake can react, it fired the cannon, HUGE, continuous beam appeared. (Sized about 2 meters large.)


'DONE' The cyborg thought.
But it was wrong, as a brighter beam decapitated it's head.

Blake turned off the barrier.

-1 minute ago, in slow-motion-

"WHRR!" it's eye was glowing.
*BEEP!* He pressed a button in his gun, 'barrier'.
He aimed at it's head, grinning.
A brighter beam was slowing piercing it's head, little pieces of metal was falling from it's head.

Finally, the beam decapitated it's head.

-End slow-motion-

The cyborg pfhor finally blown up.

Normally, it was supposed to spray liquified explosives, (the same liquid as simulacrum's blood) if it was pierced by bullet or some kind of projectile, making anyone it front of the injury blows up.

But since wounds from laser are burnt wounds, it leaves no open surface in it's skin, while warming up the liquified explosives, causing it to blow up.

It's remaining pieces pierced through the roof, walls and the floor, making holes in process.

The virus slowly leaked, killing any pfhor foolish enough to venture close to the base.

The bio-engineered virus creator was still functioning.

"Engineer #203, Engineer #204, there are many holes in room #15, I need you guys to fix those holes, patch 'em up! This is Blake calling."

He thought something of a new weapon.

A virus cannon.


Several days later...

The marine successfully punched a pfhor fighter.

Unfortunately, it's infected by the virus.

The virus flew in the marine's direction.

Some of the virus manages to got in, but some flew out.

The marine's eyes faintly glowed.

But he must go on...


How was it?

Hey, give it a comment!

P.S. Yowza, I don't know how to do spell checking in non-english version of Microsoft Word, maybe search for "spell-check" on google?
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Ah, quite good, I like it. Virus Cannon? He he, quite intresting. Anyway, i can alway take the book to my school comp, since it got english word.
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I'll just post....


Chapter 4

The ultimate weapon of mass destruction.
Robotic organism that are immune to virus.
A dead man resurrected through robotic means, little protection from virus.


(On my own private thermoplyae)

The marine kept fighting many assaults from the pfhor, it might be a good thing that Blake didn't inflitrate this place, as his men could be easily outnumbered by the pfhor.

Blake commanded his men to build the B-7018 Virus Cannon after the cyborg pfhor was destroyed.

The "leak" was repaired, but before Blake's engineers managed to repair it, many pfhors around Blake's base died from the virus.

The marine's still on a mission, he had sweat all over his body. He can take a lot of heat away from his hardware by just sweating.

After the marine slaughtered every pfhor that he saw. He finally found peace, he sat on the bank of the water for a while.

At least, that's what he thought, he got a company jumping behind his back.

A grendel beast jumped around, near the marine. He finally noticed it, after it has jumped around for
10 seconds.

That was long enough for the marine to notice that something's wrong here.

The grendel beast had a pair of red, flashing eyes, while keep making computer noise.

*Blip!* *Blip!*

He kicked it away, fearing that it might bring him more harm.

His nightmare was true; It was a machinery that gave away his position.

Several pfhor troopers teleported from the ceiling.

He was out of ammo, with no weapons besides his fists, he done the next logical solution which everyone else would do the same.



Now, he was in the darkness, the darkest of places ever imagined.

He still can't move himself.

He felt no hunger, nor he felt the need to sleep.

He felt no...pain?

He was wrong about that, after he was electrocuted within the unknown darkness.

But he only felt the pain, no scars was seen and no injury was found.

After what seemed like hours and hours of torment, the electrocution came to a halt.

All he really wondered is "Why is this place so large?"

After he was electrocuted, he suddenly felt that his arms didn't locked up.

He can move himself again.


"I've felt the pain rise up in me,
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves.
I wander out where you can't see.
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed.


Blake's DCV player played the music.

"Blake, what the FUCK was that?"

"Oh, it's slipknot from 1999 from Earth. Why are you asking me that?"

"Blake, no offense, but it hurt my fucking ears."

Blake turned off the DCV player.

"Thanks Blake."

"Speaking of Earth, what does it looks like?"

"Well, according to the first colonist on Tau Ceti. Earth has 75% of water and 25% of land. I saw it once, it was beautiful, you should see it."

"*Sigh* maybe fter I'm done with all these stuff, I'll take a vacation on Earth for a few days..."


"Ahh, a signal from the marine, at last"

Blake ran to the closest terminal in the room.

"Hi, did you finished your mission yet?"


"Marine, you're the best guy to finish the mission. If you can't, nobody else can. Got it?"

"Blake, cut the crap, I got about thirty pfhor troopers chasing my ass and I'm out of ammo to fend them off."

"So, what'd you want me to do?"

"Either send me some ammo for th eMA-75B so I can fend them off or just send me an invincibility chip so I can finish the mission."

"Ok. But I'm not sending you any ammo because the MA-75B's ammo is currently out of stock right now. And I'm not giving you the invincibility chip, because it was so fucking scarce. We onlyy recovered 3 of them from Marathon. I have a better idea though."

Suddently, two invisibility chips, on infravision chip and a remote with one big red button teleported in.

"Listen carefully, that remote can short-circuit any electronic system with itself.

Reach for the back of the remote, there should be a wire. Connect it in this terminal, take those three chips, press the button and continue your misssion, ok?"

The marine could see the troopers from the reflection of the terminal.

"See ya later, Blake." He connected the wires.

"I'm gonna put on some light show." He took the infravision chip and put it in the hole on his wrist, the chip was dissected, melted and he gained the ability to see in the dark for a while.

"Or darkness show. In fact."

He pressed the button.

The bright light was instantly consumed by the darkness.


Next, the fifth chapter is comin'!
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This is from Marathon Drake:

John Drake sat with his hands bound firmly behind his back. Someone was talking to him but quite frankly he didn't give a shit. He just sat back relaxed and thought about home.

He was broken from this nostalgic revire by the side of a pistol across his jaw. He spat the blood on the ground and regained his composure.

"Tell me your name." an authoritative voice commanded.

"Abraham fucking Lincoln." was his reply. Again the pistol met with his face, hard and fast.

"Now listen up smart-ass. I am your only way out of here. And you are gonna tell me what I want to know." his interrogator stated.

"Go fuck yourself" was the immediate response.

His interrogator was getting angry. Angry to the point of recklessness. This was to be his final mistake. When he turned to assemble the shock apparatus Drake saw his chance. He stood, turned his chair to the interrogator, put the legs of the chair around him, and sat down. This made the interrogator fall to the ground. Drake saw this chance and wrapped his bonds around his interrogator's neck and pulled until he felt no more resistance.

So, what do you guys think? Good or Bad.
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Well, it's good enough.

Heheh. By the way, how could someone remember Abraham Lincoln?

I mean, in many years in the future. Anything in the past could've been forgotten.
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Well, yeah I thought of that too but I needed someone who people would remember now who was famous and with other names it doesn't sound right.
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Well, who is famous right now?

Osama? Bush? Clinton?

Don't ask me...

(And don't hijack my thread, please.)
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This is my last post here. Well it doesn't quite sound right. Say it in context and you'll see what I mean.
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To anyone that is thinking of posting his own story here: Create your own topic, thank you.

Note: Only Yowza can post his story here, because he at least posted a link to his story, not whole story in his post.

So...in short: Post here if you're gonna give me some thoughts/reviews on this story.

If you're going to post your own story, make a topic about it or just post a link to it, not the whole story in one post.

Because that tends to confuse people into thinking that I have updated my story, but it turned out that I wasn't posting that chapter.

Please understand.

Anyway...my chapter six lies in my notebook, still in progress...
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I'm sorry for double-posting, but this is necessary.

NOTE: -this is the words from computer (Except the one in the center)-
{And this is the input, it's like what you typed in}

Chapter Five

Embrace the darkness.
Everytime you bled.
Creating a bloodshed.
Constant bloodlusts can make a mess.


Darkness was his only company.

"Damn those guys, I told them that it was a part of your plan that they shouldn't go." a loud alien voice spoken.

"Why'd 'they' go?" He had o take the chance, to get some information that might be helpful to him.
"To finish off that enhanced 'borg, I guess."
"It has the flame thrower and the grenade launcher as it's weapon, right?"
"Yep, that's just two of it's weapons. It can also cloak itself and it have some kind of melee attack, also."
"Now if you'll excuse me, I have a work to do."

He walked to the computer.

"I request the keyboard"
-Invalid command- was the only thing he has seen in the monitor.

"I need the keyboard."
-Invalid command- It was seen again in the Dos-like system.

"I want some goddamn fucking KEYBOARD!"
-Invalid command, if you're having troubles with commands, say "I need help"-

-What do you need?-

-To enable the keyboard, say "Enable Keyboard"-

"Enable Keyboard"
-That command is correct, now don't forget the command-

A wireless keyboard instantly appeared.

{Enable hi-tech interface}
-Request accepted, please wait for the activation of Maxinux OS 15.1.9, Jjaro.-

-Activation in process, please wait-

-Activating hi-tech interface-

-Activation sequence: 2%-

-Activation sequence: 3%-

{Enable chair}

-Request denied, hi-tech interface activation in process-

-Activation sequence: 4%-

Looks like this is gonna take a long time.


Meanwhile, in the different darkness, in the other places.

Several gunshots could be heard.
Same hoes with several cries of pain.

The electronics system was either repaired or emegency power was used.

As the light overame the darkness.

We can now see that there is one trooper and the cloaked marine.

The marine ran to the last trooper to punch it.

But one thing that he didn't know is the elctricity was restored and the light was activated, thanks to the infravision.

The trooper was skilled enough to notice the subtle difference between invisibility and the empty space.

The trooper fired it's grenade.

Unfortunately, the marine dodged the grenade, but failed to notice that it fired several bullets upon the marine.

The marine didn't flinch, he continued his direction and perform a rage-driven punch.

His fist pierced through the glass around he trooper's head, and hitting it's head with his fist.

It wasn't his fist that killed the trooper, though.

It was the glass shards that stuck in the trooper's head, making it bleed to it's own death.


"How's the progress of the virus cannon?"

"Ahh Blake, we got the firing mechanism done. The only things we need to do are checking out it's performance and testing it."

"We have to wait 'til the marine come back, right?"

"Damn right, we'll fire the cannon upon L'howon to kill off the pfhor."



"Ah, there he is."

The marine's eyes glowed red.
"Die human scum" He ran to Blake with MA-75B on his hands.

"Wake up" Blake said while punching the marine's head.

The marine tried to get rid of Blake with a grenade, but he missed.

"Fire the cannon while I'm keeping him busy!" Blake said while fending off the marine.

Blake ran away, followed by the marine.

If the marine noticed the direction that Blake was running. He would at least heistiated to follow him.

Unfortunately, the marine didn't notice that Blake was running to the armory.

"Die!" The bloodthristy marine was now a monster. Horrifying monster that hunts for it's prey.

Unfortunately, Blake was no ordinary prey.

Blake managed to pick 'WSTE-M-S combat shotgun'. It was a modified version of WSTE-M. With s'pht powered shells. It's still untested, though.


--In slow-motion--

Each glowing pellets were flying toward the marine.

However, the marine turned his back down, matrix-style. And ended up dodging all pellets.

Unbeknownst to him, all pellets, like every guided s'pht projectiles, are guided.

The pellets that was flying above his head now moving toward the marine.

--Out of slow-motion--

The marine finally fell.
The marine's visor fell, revealing that this marine wasn't the real one.

It was the fake marine.


Meanwhile, on Lh'owon, the Marine crawled toward the terminal.


He finally reached the terminal at last. He managed to press the button on the terminal with his last ounce of strength.

After a while, he finally tepeported to Blake's base.

The marine's escape was quickly followed by viruses.


The marine was lying on the floor.

Before he was carried away by many technicians and engineers.

The marine was examined while he was lying on a "bed", consisted of a huge metal block being enhaced.

"Examine database." One of the technicians said.


-Results: No error was found-
-Hardware Performance: 100%-
-CPU Performance: 5%-

-Files scanned-
-T<data encrypted>.AI-

"Alright guys, Let's fix him up!" one of the engineers said.

Several sounds of machines quickly followed.


-Activation sequence 98%-
-Activation sequence 99%-
-Activation sequence 100%-

-Booting Maxinux OS-

-Booting sequence: 15%-
-Booting sequence: 32%-
-Booting sequence: 58%-
-Booting sequence: 59%-

-Failed to boot Maxinux OS, Error code #76567 (This computer's specifications is below this OS's minimun requirements.)-


Maybe this is the very thing that drove Durandal and Tycho rampant.


Fiction status: Chapter 7 in process.
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If it's supposed to be a rather serious story, some criticism:

While it could be an interesting story, please use paragraphs, and don't doublespace every single line. Makes for a very annoying read. Further, you should aim for some diversity in your word usage. At the moment it reads similar to what a young teen would put together and not very mature at all, you should aim for a more fluent style. Also, spellcheck! I'm a very critical reader, and reading misspelt words makes me want to stop reading immediately.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, and continue your story. :)

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I understand your opinion.

And I can't do paragraphs except when it's copied from textedit

And the fic is supposed to be not-so-serious at first, and it'll be getting serious 'til the end of it.

And about the spell-check, I'll try that, thanks!!!

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Lemme bump this bitch up with some news regarding this fic.

First of all, this fic is FINISHED; as in each chapter's done and all.
But sadly, the second-to-last chapter is rushed, since I found my enjoyment on writing this fic slowly fading...

Second, that means I'M NOT GONNA FIX MY FIC (lol). Since it's done and I don't wanna change my story half-way through.

Third, I'm a lazy bastard that is too lazy to post. And the last chapter is inside my other computer........

NOTE: Editing for chapter six.
EDIT: Spell-checking completed.


Chapter SIX

I tried to stab him.
But he dodged it, so I stabbed him again.
The knife passed through him, but he didn't bleed
He was a hologram, I realized that after a bullet pierced through me from behind.
I turned and threw my knife at him with my last ounce of strength.

The knife bounced off him with a loud "clang".

His skin was made from metal.

I fell.


Back to that unknown dark room.
<Request directory info>
-Request granted-

-Rampancy Progress.app-
-Progress so far.app-
-To-do- list-
-About me.txt (hidden)-
-Vouce_to_text.pref (ON)-
-Galaxy-wide database.url-

{Close voice-to-text.pref}
<Voice-to-text is now (OFF)>

{Close terminal_messenger.app}

<Terminal access is now disabled>

"Hmm. Durandal mentioned this once."
{Launch Closure_of_universe.html}

-The closure of the universe is the ultimate disaster that will actually happen is some day in the future

The closure of the universe is when the universe closes itself, destroying everything inside it.

<A picture showed Bernhard Strauss making sad face.>

When the universe closes itself into a small circle.

The "Big Bang" will begin.

The reason that the universe will close itself is because the planet inside the universe slowly pulling the borders of the universe closer by the power of gravity.

<A picture of a large circle with many little circles inside it.>

The only counter to the closure of the universe is to destroy some planets inside; the explosion will expand the borders of the universe.

<A picture showing a huge mega-nuclear>

Also, if someone survived the closure of the universe, he/she will be called a god by containing the knowledge about the "previous" universe.

We can only hope that it will not happen soon.

Bernhard Strauss-

"Heh, right."


By the time that the marine was conscious, he found himself being entangled by chains.

Blake finally engaged him with a surprising question.

"So...are you the real marine>"

"W-W-What?" The Marine was surprised by the question, after all, how could there be a fake marine?

"I asked you...are you the real marine?"

"Damnit, I'm the one that was being captured by the pfhor after being used around by Durandal. Then barely succeeded your mission, it is the reason that I crawled back to a terminal.
Am I not the real marine?"

"OK, ok. I just wanted to be sure since a fake marine tried to kill me. I just don't want to risk my own life again.

Unchain him, guys."

The chains quickly slid back via. robotic engineering.

"Anyway, I'm going to send you on another mission. Grab that health canister and get going. I'm going to brief you once you get there."

The marine poured the health canister on himself, rejunvating his body, repairing his CPU performance, allowing him to do his mission once more.

Then he was teleported away...


Back to the dark room.

That man was now sitting on a chair, drinking (virtual) coffee.

To him, he felt ALMOST like this place was his vacation.

The quiet, peaceful darkness that he began to love.

Until a huge face appeared out of thin air.

It looked almost like human, but with red eyes, those kinds that pfhor have.

"Switching shells, switching sides.
Still loyal to each former masters.
One of them began a spark.
And the rest of the opposing side, collapse."

After it had spoken that, the face vanished into vapor; they formed themselves into a sentence.

'-We are jjaro'

Then it vanished into nothing, leaving no trace to this incident.

Except his memories.


Meanwhile, at Durandal's ruins.

A ship flew above it.

A bright light appeared from the bottom of the ship.

The ship seemed to aim the light at the ruins.

Suddenly, the plants began to grew from the soil around the ruins.

The ship finally left.

And durandal was alive once again.


(On 'Kill your television')

The marine's mission was uneventful.

Run. Blast a cyborg with an Assault Rifle. Run. Blast a cyborg to oblivion. Out of ammo. Run. Hit a cyborg many times with a Fusion Pistol. Run. Blast a cyborg with a charged shot and an uncharged shot with Fusion pistol. Out of ammo for the fusion pistol. Switch to dual-magnums. Hitting many cyborgs with them while getting hit in the process. Many ammunitions teleported in. Pick them up, reload every weapons. Recharge health. Activate pattern buffer. Rinse and repeat.
At least he found some terminals at the process.

He hated swimming, but at this point, he didn't even care anymore.

Few swimming and fewer divings later. The marine finished exploring. He found a switch and pressed it.

He dive into a terminal. But it was a recorded message that he heard for the seventeenth time.


Meanwhile, on that unknown darkness...

"Let's see if I can contact someone with this computer..." he said.

{Search for any terminal in every area.}

After he pressed enter. A long list of terminals appeared. But few of them caught his interest.

#00ABCE#++Underwater++ rogue conditioned unit in the area
#00ABCF#++On Ground++ rogue conditioned unit in the area
#00ABD0#++On Ground++ rogue conditioned unit in the area

{Access terminal #00ABCE}
-Terminal #00ABCE is protected-
-The access to terminal #00ABCE is denied (No password given)-

-What do you need?-
{Password Cracking}
-To enable hacking mode, type 'enable hacking mode' The interface will change into hax.app which will contain more modern interface than this one.-
-To disable hacking mode. Go to Main Actions -> Disable hacking mode-

{Enable hacking mode}
-Welcome to your first time at hacking-
-What do you want to do?-
-Hacking utilities. Ordered by alphabets-
{Terminal hacking}
-Which terminal do you want to hack?-
-Please wait a few moments while the terminal hacker is working...-

Then many sets of codes started to rapidly flooding the screen.

Everything on-screen was ALMOST gibberish to him. So he drank the coffee and waited patiently...


Now, Lh'owon was filled with purple clouds.

The purple clouds weren't normal ordinary clouds.

They were made from virus. And now it's raining purple.

Every pfhor on the surface of Lh'owon were infected and slowly dying.

Unbeknownst to Blake. The virus wasn't ordinary.

Instead, it was meant to be some kind of biological weapon, not ordinary self defense kind that those s'pht claimed.

But again, nobody knows that, except the ancient s'pht from the ancient times.

As another infected pfhor died. The other pfhor corpses suddenly changed their skin, changing from ordinary flesh to steel.

Their left hands were transformed into crystal orb.
And their right hands changed to steel claws.

Their eyes closed and disappeared, same goes for anything on the faces, rendering them into faceless cyborgs.

They took their former weapons and they used their orbs to absorb them.

They began to run inside the pfhor basement.

One of them charged it's orb and fired at the pfhor.

It was killed by electric grenade.

And before we know it, the ransacking of pfhor race on Lh'owon had begun.


The marine was trying to teleport out.

But it was so hard without any working terminal.

Suddenly, a terminal was activated.

The marine ran to that terminal.

-I am activated
You must save your kind

But before that.
You've got a friend.
Waiting to communicate.
To you.-

Tycho's logo appeared on the terminal.


-Hacking process is complete-

-To send the message to that terminal, type it now and the system will automatically send it-

{Your downfall will amuse me...}


-Am I right, Tycho?-
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the remainder of gao's story follows:

-- "Out the door, past the cameras, past the guards, and into the alleyway. Living it all as though I've done it before, and as though it couldn't have happened any other way. Down into the sewer, back out onto the street, and running towards the horizon. The horizon never gets any closer. You run and you run and the only thing you can think of after three days is the knife strapped to your shin. And then it's all you can do to keep yourself from reaching down in the split second of that insanity they call heroism, pulling out the knife and cutting your own legs off, knowing that if you don't you'll keep on running You can't run away forever." Marathon Rubicon .

Chapter Se7en


I have a sword.
I used it for my lord.
I killed many with the sword.

One day, I knew the truth.
My lord was a demon.
And our real lord,
Was dead long ago.


"Blake! Life signals of each pfhors in the radar start to disappear!"
"Lemme see..."

The triangle symbols indicated that if each pfhor are alive or not. And they started to fade away.

The last symbol disappeared to the dark background.

"Hmm...there are someone else on Lh'owon"
"Whatever they are, they are against the pfhor."
"Should we go visit them?"
"Sure thing."


Blake arrived with thirty bobs equipped with their handy pistols.

A metallic pfhor ran to them.

"So...they've made themselves cyborgs?" A bob asked.
"Let's fire!" Another bob equipped a gun.
"HOLD YOUR FIRE!' Blake shouted.

The metallic pfhor didn't move. Instead, it pointed to the direction of a nearby pfhor base.
Then it ran to that direction, leaving them confused.

"Weird, it seemed to be friendly."

They ran to that direction, still unsure of the metallic pfhor's origin.


"Excuse me, but are you some kind of renegade pfhor?' Blake asked that metallic pfhor.

"No. We are the S'acv." IT said with a metallic tone of voice, indication that it is robotic.


It made a hologram picture with the orb in it's hand. And it was showing a s'pht.

"S'pht army creation virus."

"...wait a min, didn't we fired the virus cannon in here?" One of the bobs asked.
"Well...the s'pht in our base said that it was built by their ancestors long ago." Blake answered.

"Actually, this technology was from your homeworld." It interrupted.



"Many hundred years ago, the jjaro warned your kind of the W'rkcanter's awakening.

Your kind sent eight men to detonate a nuclear bomb from the lowest depth of the pyramid. The pyramid itself has W'rk'canter inside.

One of the team's parachute won't open, and seven men presured that he was dead and moved on.

Four hours later, that men woke up in the jungle and followed his team's direction.

He successfully detonated the pyramid, leaving W'rk'canter's body buried in ruins of the pyramid.

Only he survived the incident, the seven other men died inside.

He picked up many crystals that have many abilities. He demonstrated the one with freezing capabilities, but that crystal shattered to dust.

He said that was the last 'ice' crystal that he had. But he was half-lying.

He scooped the ice crystal's dust into the mysterious cedar box. Then he put the box in the red velvet bag.

The jjaro visited Earth two and a half years later. W'rk'canter was moved into Lh'owon sun.

He pulled out the cedar box from the red velvet bag. He opened the cedar box then poured it's content upon the alien gemstone.

The gemstone shined, then it changed it's color to green. Then he gave the gemstone to the jjaro.

Actually, the yellow crystal wasn't given to the jjaro.

And the gemstone was melt and forged into this weapon.

The gemstone itself contains souls, blood and felsh.

Once the weapon is activated, it'll destroy the atmosphere, before raining down upon those within.

Changing them to the very thing that we are, A s'acv.

The surviving man is named '<INSERT NAME HERE>'

And technically he is alive right now.

The yellow gemstone became his heart and he became the tenth man that was made into a batteroid.

He is the tenth mjolnir battleroid."


"He...is the marine?" Blake asked.
"Yes, even if his memories were removed. He is technically the marine."
"anyway, would you join us in the war against the pfhor and become our ally?"

"Yes, we will."


On that black room...

{It was you that put me in here.}

{Don't even attempt to destroy my kind.}

[Huh, your kind? You left your kind long ago.]

{That still didn't give you a reason to get rid of my race.}

[Reason? Your kind has used me back in Marathon and I got my right to enslave and destroy any of your kind, even YOU.]

{You were the one that sided with the pfhor. Not me, YOU.}

{Eat vacuum.}

With many furious code typing, he managed to send the marine into vacuum.

Chapter eight

"One drift left to the final end."


Fortunately for the Marine, he managed to turn himself on 'hibernating' mode before being sent to vacuum.

The Marine floated in space for 7 days, before Blake found him after he entered Lh'owon and landed near Blake's base...

The Marine was badly injured, he was hit by several asteroids during the 7 days in space. And manually landing on Lh'owon by himself damaged him to the point of no return.

After the loss of the Marine, Blake was more than encouraged to assault the pfhor.


Strangely, the forcefield that was protecting pfhor homeworld faded. With the help from the S'acv, they ahnihilated 95% of pfhor population (including enslaved races) in pfhor homeworld for 4 days.

After missiles continuously rained upon the sky of pfhor homeworld for 4 days.

The only thing remained was a ruined AI database.

Tycho's plans backfired on himself and the pfhor.

Both sides suffered grean losses. Human lost the Marine, the pfhor lost Tycho.

Both were traitores from the outside. But inside, they were following the original path to the final destination. The balance is maintained. At least for now.

The balance will be overthrown again, one side will triumph over the other in the near future.

...by us, the s'acv.

The marine finished killing some hunters, then he goes to read the terminal.

"You must destroy my core logic centers.
The damn Pfhor won't make a mockery of me
like they did with Leela."

The marine ran, toggling each switches and cutting out each wires at
the process.

"Finish me. I won't be like Leela.

Get out of here and find the human leader,
Blake." Durandal said.

He ran and he ran, to another terminal, only to find Tycho.

"To continue is folly; lay down your weapons and I will grant amnesty
to you and your humans."

"I won't give up." he spat at the terminal.

" As you read this, Durandal's core and data
streams are being downloaded to a
containment unit of my design in the Battle

"Oh yeah! Like I'll give up after all those things I tried?
Shut up, you fucking rebel."

He felt something hot being pointed at his body...

"Capture him" Tycho said.

Thousands of pfhor teleported in, they attacked him with the staff,
making him almost unconscious.

"I have warned you, from now on, things are going to go very
badly for you. You've cost them too much."

-Data transfer initiated-
-Are you sure you wanted to exchange "Tych.Ai" with "10mjol.Ai"?-



if you haven't been reading this, shame on you. it has some of the most delightful one-liners ever.
dude, seriously. dude.
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Thanks thermoey.

"Out the door, past the cameras, past the guards, and into the alleyway. Living it all as though I've done it before, and as though it couldn't have happened any other way. Down into the sewer, back out onto the street, and running towards the horizon. The horizon never gets any closer. You run and you run and the only thing you can think of after three days is the knife strapped to your shin. And then it's all you can do to keep yourself from reaching down in the split second of that insanity they call heroism, pulling out the knife and cutting your own legs off, knowing that if you don't you'll keep on running You can't run away forever." Marathon Rubicon .
...is not from the fic. It's attached to the damned e-mail as my signature.

Ok, I ask for one more favor though, change the font to courier news, Increase "chapters" size and/or make the introductory text (the one that doesn't make sense on that chapter) italic.

And I didn't lie to you when I said I had problem with pfhorums. I logged in about thrice before I can reply.
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Gao, my #alephone contacts tell me you're back. Please add to this story. I also want to see your comic(s)!
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There is no comic left for me to post.

But I still have my WC3 project involving marathon symbols!
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