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Mjolnir Mark IV
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Heyyyyyyyy, so I had some problems with Weland and opening shapes files. It's working okay right now, but periodically this problem will pop back up:

When I go to "preferences", select a shapes file, click "open", and then click "OK" in the preferences window one of two things might happen. Either Weland just flat out crashes, or, Weland freezes and I have to force quit. It's working fine now, but I'm wondering why this happens.

I'm running Mac OS 10.4.1, Weland 1.4, and Mono 2.6.4. Anyone know what the problem here is?
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I will finished run Weland 1.4.1 in Windows 7 with this post xD

i needed install gtk-sharp-2.12.20 only and... Woala!

I'm happy xD

thanks to all! :D
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Mjolnir Mark IV
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I still can't get this to work. Do I have to put it somewhere special just for it to work? Does it even work on Mac OS Sierra? (Or High Sierra to say) Not trying to be rude but I'm still unable to work this out. I got a Mac just to make maps (And to skip the PC community) so what should I do?

EDIT: I have Weland now!! But I'm very "not good" at it. I've gotten visual mode also but it seemed buggy to use it. Can someone tell me how to operate the editor "Goodly"?
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Screamernail wrote:I've gotten visual mode also but it seemed buggy to use it. Can someone tell me how to operate the editor "Goodly"?
If you mean there's actual glitches/errors, I can't really help you but you might consider going into more detail on a visual mode thread. For everything else, the secret is to make like 500 super shitty levels, and by the end of it you realize you're not nearly as shitty as when you started out. Guaranteed to work.
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Hey man

I'm using 10.13.5 and the latest version of Mono for Mac OS, and when attempting to launch Weland.app I get this.
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The Man
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So this is a strange one. Trying to look at the ambient sounds in my map “Biblical Candy Machines” causes Weland to crash with the following unhandled exception:
Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 02.00.15.png
I can’t figure out what it means or how to fix it. If you need to download the map, it’s at https://bit.ly/2rsTu9p. I might have to go back into Forge once I get an emulator running and fix the sounds that way. Fortunately, this one hasn’t passed 1,024 polygons, 64 lights, or 384 objects yet. Or any of the other Infinity limits, as far as I recall.

Oddly, the random sounds work fine.

I’m running on Yosemite 10.10.5, if that’s important. I can’t recall what framework I’m running Weland on, nor how to figure that out.

ETA: Went through all my maps in the above folder; same problem with “Motherfucker=Redeemer”. None of the others seem to have it, at least in the solo map folder. Haven’t checked the net maps.
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