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Posted: Jan 18th '08, 02:49
by Coraxus
This is the closest utility I can find that I think will allow for editing shapes for M1. Problem is, when I go to the open dialog box, it won't even read any of the vital files for Marathon, not even the old Classic versions. What type of file can Pfhred only open? I want to be able to tinker around with shapes for M1.

Posted: Jan 18th '08, 02:59
by RyokoTK
Download the M1A1 package and tinker with those.

Posted: Jan 18th '08, 03:27
by Coraxus
You mean from the "Get Marathon" page? If so, I'll try it, but I suspect that Pfhred being a Classic-based app may not read OSX-based files or something but I'll try it nonetheless.

[EDIT]In the open dialog box where I went into the M1A1 folder, there were no shapes file that showed up, just only folders and that was it.[/EDIT]

Posted: Jan 18th '08, 03:48
by treellama
The M1A1 shapes are in Marathon 2 format. Use Anvil or ShapeFusion!

Posted: Jan 18th '08, 04:04
by Coraxus
Thanks for the info, though I just came to realize that a physics editor was what I'm needing. I'll have to look for one that can allow me to do one for M1 though. You see, what I want to do just for fun is make invisible Bobs in M1.