Weland Doesn't Start

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I am having difficulty coaxing Weland 1.4.1 to start. Upon double clicking the .exe the computer churns for a while with the waiting cursor, then politely closes Weland out without a message. Trying the earlier Weland versions as far back as 1.1.2 give crash messages upon startup but otherwise fair no better.

I have installed both Mono 3.2.3 and 2.10.X to no change, as well as .NET 4.5 and its updates. It used to work fine, so I am not sure what has brought about this issue. The log seems to implicate .NET so I'll try and work around there some more, but running out of ideas. Thoughts?

Computer Specs:
Windows 7 x64 Premium
2.26GHz P8400
Nvidia 9700m gt @ 1680 x 1050

Windows Event Message:
Application: Weland.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.DllNotFoundException
at GLib.Object.gtksharp_register_type(IntPtr, IntPtr)
at GLib.Object.RegisterGType(System.Type)
at GLib.Object.LookupGType(System.Type)
at GLib.Object.LookupGType()
at GLib.Object.CreateNativeObject(System.String[], GLib.Value[])
at Gtk.Widget.CreateNativeObject(System.String[], GLib.Value[])
at Gtk.DrawingArea..ctor()
at Weland.MapDrawingArea..ctor()
at Weland.MapWindow..ctor(System.String)
at Weland.Weland.Main(System.String[])
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You need to install GTK#. See the Weland README for install instructions.
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