Heinous Visual Mode + Auto Map Key Error

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This is bull****.
Whenever I am in Visual Mode trying to texture my maps, I press the Left Shift key to enable the Auto Map/Overlay.
When you are in the Overlay/Auto Map, you have access to change texture effects, texture flags, texture opacity and texture snapping. But for some reason, whenever I try to hit the Left Shift key, Aleph One decides to be an ***wipe and it closes down. This is on Windows, BTW.
When Visual Mode is disabled, the Auto Map/Overlay key works just fine!
Is anyone else experiencing these problems?
Can someone modify the VML so that it doesn't need the Auto Map/Overlay key?
Is there something that can be done to fix this?
Here is a few more details in case they come in handy...
I test this error on maps generated by Weland.
I place my Visual Mode plugin into the /Marathon Infinity/Plugins/ folder.
As notable to my previous encounters, this happens with the entire Aleph One trilogy.
I only have 1GB of memory and no Graphics Processing Unit.
Please, I will need all the help I can get if I want to make successful maps!
Winter Solstice of 2014... Thank God that Treellama, W'rkncacnter, and patrick won't be there...
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