A Question on Editing Scenario Menus...

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I don't know if this is the right place to ask a simple question but here it goes:

I was able to edit the Scenario main menu's Images from a .imgA file, both the Bitmaps from the PICT folder and the .ACT files from the CLUT folder, but the button physics are misplaced in the wrong position. (For example I hover my mouse over my "Play Campaign" button, but its not highlighted but when I moved my mouse in a random position, other buttons are lit up.)The button placement is based on Marathon 2/OO Menu design physics.

I wanted to make a custom Main menu sorta like Marathon Red's Scenario Menu or the Marathon Eternal Menu. Is there a possible way to edit the Button Physics that makes it clickable and highlightable? Otherwise, I'll need to improve the button placement... :)

(Here is an example)
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Very wise of you. When do we get to see this new titlescreen???
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There is MML which controls where the clickable rectangles on the menu screen are by specifying their coordinates, like an image map. The MML guide should have the full details.
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Alright, I'll check out the MML Guide to see if there is something that will help me edit the menu and to answer your question Asylum, I won't reveal the title yet but I can give you a hint: "Traveling through time in a brand new universe, is like making a first step into...


P.S. Alright, so i did find the menu edit using the <interface> element in the MML guide, which requires the use of <rect> child element. I will be able to edit the coordinates of the rectangle but does the Index numbers represent the function of the buttons? such as going to the main game or multiplayer?
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Alright, so i figured out the menu functions, so for future reference anybody needs a guide on how to make a menu can review here.

The coordinates are based on the Menu's 4:3 Pixel Size (640x480) So making boxes will have to be within that Pixel Size range.

Also I managed to figure out the <rect> string index numbers that are programmed to bring up a game or a different menu when clicked on.


"7" New Campaign/Story/Game
"8" Load Campaign/Story/Game
"9" Create Multiplayer
"10" Join Multiplayer
"11" Preferences
"12" Save Last Film
"13" Replay Last Film
"14" Replay Saved Film
"15" Credits
"16" Quit Game

So use them like this: (In your "Filenames" MML within the Scripts folder)
<!-- Menu Coordinates-->
<rect index="<Index Number goes here>" Top=" " Left=" " Bottom=" " Right=" "/>

To assign a button physics to your menu!

Hopefully this will help out newcoming Scenario Developers! :)
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