Pfhorge and Shield 3X terminals?

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Having a weird problem with Pfhorge: At first I thought it was incapable of doing anything with Shield 3X terminals - when you're designating a terminal and choosing what kind of terminal it will be, it only offers 1x and 2x shield terminals. However, when I choose a map such as All Roads Lead to Sol and open it in Pfhorge, the map already has 3x shielf terminals and the drop down menu now includes them. Which means that so far, the only way I can place these is to open a map which already has them, blank it (often resulting in an app crash) and build it from scratch in the newly blanked original map file.

My question is, if Pfhorge is capable of recognizing and placing them in maps which already have them, why is it that in any new map I create, the 3x terminals don't exist in any of the menus for creating terminals? They just suddenly appear in the options when I switch to a map which already has them in it.
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