How have we preserved our knowledge?

Questions about the content creation procedure go here, including using Forge, Anvil, or other editors, or operating emulators like Basilisk II.
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So far, I've not encountered dead links where they'd be most disastrous. The wisdom of mapping techniques seems a bit scattered, though, and I fear one day they shall fall to bitrot or worse.

I'd like to be sure the FAQs and guides availed to me have durability. Where are they mirrored, or if not, how can we mirror them? Is there an archive of the various webpages and guides so they can be viewed offline or disseminated rampantly?
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Incidentally, another favourite 2.5D shooter of mine: Outlaws, has fallen largely to internet bitrot and I know exactly how you feel. It's a shame, really.
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All it takes is someone with the time and motivation to create that archive. Start a wiki or a blog, repost what you find, put files on S7 or Dropbox or somewhere, move them when a service starts to die. If we lose knowledge it's because nobody cared enough to step up and be the caretaker.
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