Switches, Terminals, etc with Vasara

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Been a long time since posting here but now that I am quietly working on my own scenario, I believe I will have to come back more frequently.

Anyways, I am having some issues with Vasara specifically with terminals and switches. On my first two levels, I have been able to place terminals no problem. Switches for platforms on others seem fine. Since I don't want to post a dozen threads I will also bring up some questions I have about MML and such if someone can answer them since the documentation is fuzzy at best.

Terminals on some of the other levels I have done do not seem to work. Normally if it is something with the .term text file it will give me the logon beep and then nothing happens. With this, I get no indication of such. I tried deleting and refilling the polygon as well as trying other walls to see if it works and no dice. When I place on Vasara it gives me the terminal dialog box where you select the script but other than that, it's no good. Tried VML as well and got the same result... If terms can't play nice, I am also considering maybe looking into Lua and doing voice overs for instructions and such (Like Damage Inc. which is where I am taking influence from.) which could be cool.

Switches are giving similar issues. Platform, tag, and light switches all seem to work fine. I am specifically trying to do chip insertion and nothing seems to work when I pick up the chips in level and attempt to place. I have seen some similar issues with the "wires" type which I would like to use in the future but that seems much more straight forward.

For all of these levels, I have the proper level parameters set if that effects it at all. I am stuck as to where to go from here.

Also unrelated as I haven't got to this point yet but where is the Lua documentation should I plan on using it? Seems to all be down or something. MML is also a bit confusing but I am just going to use other scenarios scripts as guides on how to use everything. The main things I want to change other than the strings is the teleport effect (I want to turn it to a fade out instead if this is possible.), possibly music on levels, and the colours of liquid media.

Sorry for the long set of questions, I can post screenshots of my work so far in another thread.

EDIT: I just thought of this a moment ago as well. Could it have something to do with using textures from another set? These levels I am working on use textures in different sets because I figured while making them that it's not as important with the new texturing programs. I tried the different terminal sets and it didn't do anything.
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