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Shapefusion and Physics

Posted: Sep 11th '18, 20:22
by Dugit
Whenever I open any of Aeon's physics files in Shapefusion, or at least try to, I get an error message. I recall that Shapefusion was capable of editing physics, what's going on?

I can't find the log it's referring to, I'm afraid.

Re: Shapefusion and Physics

Posted: Oct 27th '19, 16:50
by Tycho X
BUMPed over a year later; I had this exact same error with one of my custom physics files. Displayed (4/1) but I believe also (4/3) the first time. Not that it matters now.

Dugit, what happened to Marathon: Aeon? All links seem to be down, including on Simplici7y (error 500).

Re: Shapefusion and Physics

Posted: Oct 28th '19, 21:18
by The Man
It might be worth submitting a bug report with info like the system software and build of ShapeFusion you’re running, along with the faulty physics file(s). I’m not certain if anyone is actively developing SF right now, though there was a new Windows build a few months ago, but I doubt anyone can do anything for you without at least the physics file(s) you’re having trouble with. I’ve got a few physics files that are giving me trouble as well and have been meaning to submit a bug report about those, but I’ve had bigger priorities and haven’t yet gotten around to it.