ShapeFusion sound editing bug

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I’m using the latest (to my knowledge) Windows build from a few months ago, and adding a new sound to a slot that started out empty seems to result in Aleph One not playing the sound. So, for instance, if I add a new sound to the “unused 1” slot in the Infinity sounds file, Aleph One won’t play it. If I add one to the “unused 1” slot in Eternal’s sounds or the old Chronicles sounds file, it’s fine, since both games have a “breathing” sound there.

Is there any chance of this being fixed? As it stands, I’m strictly limited in the number of sounds I can use, which is disappointing.

For the record, I’ve also tested this going in with

Code: Select all

in the console. Silence. This only appears to be a problem with sound slots that were blank in the original Infinity sounds, though I will admit to not having tested all 214 of them.

ETA: wrkncacnter thought the sound ID numbers not being set was the problem, and so did I at first… but setting them doesn’t seem to have had any effect.

My sounds file is part of this release of Chronicles. If someone needs it uploaded separately I can do that as well.

…never mind, apparently Aleph One was continuing to load my old sounds file, even though I renamed it. The class ID was the issue after all. I’ll leave this up as a record of the solution, just in case anyone else has the same issue: If you want to add new sounds, they need a class ID other than -1 (probably a unique one).
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