monster that don't use ledges for attacks?

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I have some hunters/fighters on ledges above the player at various heights. For some reason they don't attack. Anyone know how the engine treats attacking from ledges. Is it the angle the projectile travels, height difference, or something else?
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Some monster will try to get close to the player whereas others will snipe from distance.
Monsters that are supposed to go to the player will behave like they have not been activated if they cannot get to the player, which can be the case if the ledge is higher than the maximum height that monster is willing to jump. For a lot of monster, including hunters, that height is pretty low (0.5 WU IIRC).

more details there:
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First thing that comes to mind:

Make sure the ledges you place hunters on consist of at least 2 polygons. Ledge monsters need to be able to walk back and forth between two polygons to function.
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Also, monster triggers could work nicely in situations like these.
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