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Questions about the content creation procedure go here, including using Forge, Anvil, or other editors, or operating emulators like Basilisk II.
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Making a scenario has been a dream of mine since first did I play M2. I run Mac OS X and I'm wondering what would be the best map editor available for someone like me. I feel so ashamed to admit it... but I've never used the original Forge or Anvil... but I've got lots of time and more than enough will power. So any suggests about what sucks, what blows, and what just kicks arse are more than welcome!
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Mjolnir Mark IV
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Well, a lot of people use Weland, which I think is a great map editor. You can read more about it here. Also use Visual Mode Lua with it. I suggest you do try some other map editors though, like Forge and Anvil to see which one you like the best.
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The good stuff

weland (mapping)
visualmode lua (texturing)
anvil (shapes, sounds, and physics)
shapesfusion (shapes)
atque (merge)
aorta (textures in dds format)
hex (terminals)
photoshop or equalent good image edit software (creating textures)
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hakvil (hack of anvil that I think is more practical to use)
good old forge (works well for drawing once you know all the bugs by heart)
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ShapeFusion is a bit on the incomplete side function-wise. If possible, I'd stick with Anvil. Unfortunately for me, that is not an option right now.
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