The best of the Pfhorums.
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In the two years we've had this particular version of the Pfhorums running, the older members have witnessed more than a couple of topics that were fun to read, participate in, and talk about. They were usually out-of-control flame wars, which made things all the better: even those who started out as coolly detached trolls got involved quite heavily by the end. In after-days, I would speak to W'rkncacnter, Ryoko, and Wolfy about these threads as though they were part of a golden age, long-forgottenm even though they often exhibited our nastier sides. The good news is that every couple of months, a new legendary topic appears. I decided we needed a home for these fine pieces of literature.

Some of them were simply buried under the many other things in normal forums. Others I had to recover from deletion. In my opinion, all of them are worth reading. Topics included here are subject to change, so enjoy them while you can before they sink back into the muck. While they're here, feel free to rate them!

Have fun!
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