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Posted: Mar 28th '08, 23:04
by L'howon
Oh silly P'fhorums, how dost thou entertain me ^-^ Hehe..
you all are so silly, bickering on the internet.
The most you ever change is a couple thousand 1's and 0's that simply represent the letters in your posts.
Some things stay the same, I suppose.

My only observations to this,are, you people love capslock...which needs to stop.
internet shouting is even more funny. it make me think of an angry man bursting a vein in his neck.
calm down, sheesh!
also, I agree completely with Nobody.
a corollary to his Ryoko comment that I have is that, I have the utmost respect for you Ryoko, but you do seem a tad abusive in your powers
as an admin, either you need to stay out of this petty crap, or remove your own admin powers. Its the whole "balance of power" idea.
You simply seem to lash out at things at times, and it starts a whole nuther crap storm whenever you do.
take this not as biting criticism, but simply as a tactic to keep things from escalating here. And what do you have to lose, except people picking apart your statements and trying to make YOU look like the evil overlord/asshole. Arguments require fuel, and without it, they die like the fires they are.

Posted: Mar 28th '08, 23:05
by $lave
tl;dr, unless you're alan. This doesn't apply to the topic at all, and I don't think anyone else does or should give a shit about most or all of it.

Alan wrote:why is it that everyone I know who is a guy who gets to this age starts wearing black dark skateboarding cloths and tries
er, I skateboard, and if you want to stereotype me, I'd be a skateboarder... I think you are getting "skateboarding clothes" and "I want attention so I'm going to be emo and pretend my life is hard" clothes. It's not uncommon, and it's because people your age want to be a lot more mature and accepted than they are, in my experience.
(And sometimes does) gets high from energy drinks, or cigarets (AND I'VE SEEN 'EM!)
You can't get high from either of those, although you can get fairly hyper from energy drinks, but it's really bad for you. Get used to it though, lots of people your age pretend to be high to look cooler, and pretend that safe things are getting them high, just so they don't get in any real trouble. As for cigarettes, they're bad for you, highly addictive, but can't get you high, smoking them is pretty useless, most people I know either started doing pot or heavier drugs by grade 8 or 9, or just got over the whole "smoking makes me look cooler" thing.
tells everyone that they masturbate and talks about or reacts sexual images with people
They want to show off the fact that they aren't grade 5's anymore, now they are immature whiny kids who can have boners and ejaculate, they probably will start pointing it out every time their voice cracks soon if they haven't already, in a couple years it will become kind of the opposite.

All this stuff is completely typical for kids your age, if you don't like it just ignore it, it might make you slightly more mature than them, but don't think it make syou any "better" than them.

L wrote:Oh silly P'fhorums, how dost thou entertain me ^-^ Hehe..
you all are so silly, bickering on the internet.... etc. etc.
You're such a troll, you haven't contributed anything to this community, and if you don't like it just leave, or find a good reason to stay, I'd be interested to hear it.

Posted: Mar 28th '08, 23:21
by Wrkncacnter
Pfhorrest wrote:people should just politely correct you rather than making fun of you, and if I had the time I'd be here doing that.
I'd just like to point out that I strongly dislike Alan from the days in the AIM chatroom, where he'd ask a question, someone would answer, he'd completely ignore the answer and ask again in all caps. Then the whining would start. This didn't happen just a few times, it happened pretty much every day for a year or so, and I had the privilege of listening to him ask the same question about 100 times (not exaggerating). I don't dislike him for anything he's done on the pfhorums so far. I'm sorry, but you just can't recover from being that annoying as far as I'm concerned.

I'm not saying I shouldn't forgive him for that, I'm just saying I won't :P.

Posted: Mar 28th '08, 23:24
by Pfhorrest
Alan wrote:Ok I'll just for get about this and hope for a good leader, that probably won't come. A person who is smart and open minded to every side of every story and doesn't over use the power.
Hi there. Nice to meet you. We should hang out some time.
(if you miss the joke: I am the admin of the Marathon Story Forum, linked above, and what you describe is my administrative philosophy).

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 01:27
by Alan
Pfhorrest I didn't know people used that forum still. And nice to meet you too. And also Pfhorrest people have always told me the word deluded or diluted. They are almost the same thing I just found out, but there different. Diluted means to weaken a source or to make a change for the worse. And deluded means to mislead a mind of judgement. And ignorance does all three of those definitions.

And W'rkncacnter... what the hell.... I tried to like drop this argument but that can't happen if unless everyone wants to drop it. And you are the one who won't just drop it. And your not going to drop this because of something that happened two and almost three years ago. Your not going to forget about that not because you want to prevent future problems but it's really because your bored and you have nothing to do and you think it's fun to hate. You should hate someone for what they did unless that someone fully understands what he or she or both has done.

Should someone close this topic?

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 02:01
by Windbreaker
I think you should shut up and everyone else should be allowed to talk. Except you.

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 02:47
by Macsforever

You were expecting a picture of a well, weren't you.


Posted: Mar 29th '08, 08:52
by screamingfool
i cant and wont take responsibility for my actions or ideas unless they're well received and make me look good, if you don't like them you shouldn't judge me for them.

should someone make me stop posting in this topic?

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 09:21
by LegacyTyphoon

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 12:03
by Packard20
$lave wrote:If you make a significant contribution to this community, Alan, and people bitch at you about it, then maybe you can come complain.
Thats what we've been trying to get at for the whole time now, and your right. Even if that makes me a hypocrite because the only thing I've ever done is make a few textures.

EDIT: After reading more of this.... topic? I've decided that it's probably more of the problem that the "Elite clique" *that apparently dose't exist, according to $lave* thinks they all agree that Ryoko is always right and has never done anything wrong when really they all don't agree and can't decided who's right. But they can't agree because they ALL want to be right.

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 15:51
by L'howon
oh lawdy, the fire rages on!
and as far as calling me a troll, how the heck is that trolling?
Oh silly P'fhorums, how dost thou entertain me ^-^ Hehe..
you all are so silly, bickering on the internet.... etc. etc.
thats not trolling, thats the truth.
if you can't understand that, well!

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 16:27
by $lave
L wrote:Oh silly P'fhorums, how dost thou entertain me ^-^ Hehe..
you all are so silly, bickering on the internet.
The most you ever change is a couple thousand 1's and 0's that simply represent the letters in your posts.
Some things stay the same, I suppose.
I figured this was trolling because we change more than our posts, and we do contribute to marathon, with scenarios, mappacks etc. and what you said is basically bullshit (probably) intended to get me to post a defensive response to it, I guess you did an alright job

My only observations to this,are, you people love capslock...which needs to stop.
I've seen people use caps lock so much in this topic, and the board as whole (besides alan of course), you're totally right.
Packard20 wrote: "Elite clique" *that apparently dose't exist, according to $lave*
I won't dispute that there is a group of people who have a bit more influence on what goes on in the community, but they do not "abuse their power" or force people to do what they want, although I can see how they make some of the members of the community feel inferior, they aren't afraid to point out when people are being stupid, and they do a good amount (but not all) the time. People here act stupid a lot, and this topic is proof of it.

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 16:54
by L'howon
true, mappacks, etc, etc do change. but I'm simply trying to point out that fact that, do you see any in this topic at all?
the point is, nothing creative came out of this topic at all, and its a rather large topic to boot.
YES, there are bigger topics about maps, scenarios, etc, they are somewhat infrequent.. it seems a little wasteful to spend excessive amounts of time in here flaming, instead of out there, doing something worthwhile


Posted: Mar 29th '08, 17:10
by $lave
I completely agree, this topic is a massive waste and not productive in any way at all, I thought you were referring to the board as a whole.

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 19:04
by Alan
I'm not posting here anymore.

Posted: Mar 29th '08, 22:38
by Macsforever
I'm taking a lurking trip from the 6th to the 11th.

Posted: Mar 30th '08, 02:44
by L'howon
Aye, I might have to second that Macs