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Posted: Dec 1st '11, 01:01
by ???Durandal???

Hello Pfhellow Durpartment members!

It has been brought to my attention that this time of year has come 'round again, and I noticed that things are remarkably quiet.

this is un-acceptable, which is why I wish to pump some life back into this sleeping dreadnaught of a community, by offering a new contest for us to participate it.
I know many members here are gifted in the arts, which is why I propose we start a Marathon/pfhorums christmas art making contest!

The Rules are quite simple.

You make some form of art, that has a marathon or pfhorums theme, fused with christmas/holiday/seasonal overtones.

You might ask, "well, what is the definition of art?"
well, art can take many a pfhorms. I'm not suggesting or requesting that you make solely drawings or graphics, but in addition to those, music, poetry, architecture, knitting,photography, or even just story telling are all applicable pfhorms of art.

There Will be a prize for the most creative submission that speaks to my heart, but this is more about expressing creativity during this festive time of year, rather vain rewards.

Everyone is welcome to participate, no skill levels are required, so don't be shy!


Eggnotically yours,

Posted: Dec 6th '11, 01:01
by listener
On it!

Posted: Dec 6th '11, 03:17
by ???Durandal???
listener wrote:On it!
Yes, Thats exactly the kind of spirit i'm looking pfhor!

Posted: Dec 8th '11, 12:49
by gmanyo

Posted: Dec 8th '11, 21:30
by listener
What does that have to do with the pfhorums or marathon?

Update:Halfway through the work in progress.

Posted: Dec 10th '11, 12:19
by gmanyo
it is a metaphor for the invasion of lh'owon