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Posted: Dec 10th '11, 19:09
by listener
Is there any out there tat call them something else?

I've always called them bob-bombs, but in phoenix, they're called A-bobs.

Posted: Dec 10th '11, 20:43
by ???Durandal???
I'll call 'em Bob-B-Q, 'cuz i usually roast them with the Air gas flamethrower. (the TOZT)

Posted: Dec 11th '11, 02:26
by treellama

Why is this in TCBY? It would be fine in Marathon discussion.

Posted: Dec 11th '11, 19:18
by listener
Feel free to move it(or get an admin[are any still active?])

I thought that if I did put it there, it would be in the wrong place. Better safe than sorry.