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Posted: Apr 7th '12, 19:04
by President People
Seven Hundred and Seventy-Seven topics of stupidity. To commemorate this momentous achievement, please fill out the poll form. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. More questions and choices may be added in this subforum's bright future, so keep checking back!

Posted: Apr 7th '12, 20:54
by Da Pissa
Note: I only voted for Wolfenstein 3D because that has been my latest fixation, although I prefer the Mac version. In the long run, Marathon will always win out (Doom also kicks ass, though).

Posted: Apr 8th '12, 00:04
by VikingBoyBilly
I'm disappointed there's no Hexen option.

Posted: Apr 8th '12, 03:05
by President People
VikingBoyBilly wrote:I'm disappointed there's no Hexen option.
I tried to change it, but The CLIQUE had other plans. Left their fingerprints all over the first post.

Posted: Apr 8th '12, 04:26
by brilliant
I voted!

Posted: Apr 9th '12, 20:22
by Destiny
Everyone should vote for both Marathon and Halo! =P

Posted: Jul 17th '12, 16:48
by ???Durandal???
I pfhorget what I voted pfhor, But I know it was one of the pfhor.