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Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:31
by listener

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:33
by Destiny
I'm working on mapping now. :P

I'll be including Chains of Dreams into the 3-map thing. I hope I'll make the deadline in time. O_o

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:35
by listener
Ugh, mapping. If I manage to get something whipped up, you wanna play-test it?

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:38
by Destiny
Of course. I'll play anything. Though, I really need to get to asking my dad if I can freely download Marathon stuff... >.>

Hey, you want to be my beta tester for the stuff I make?

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:40
by listener
Sure. Won't be able to play test on the high difficulties, but I can do Normal. Whatcha looking for?

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:42
by Destiny
I'm not really looking for anything in specific. Just want the ability to freely download.

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:48
by listener
Post. Sure, just drop me a pm when ever you need a play tester.

Sorry if that post was off. It's all editable.

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 19:59
by Destiny
Yeah, I don't really know what to do with that. Plus I don't really have a lot of time left to make a reply.

Well, it looks like the platforms are done... for now...
Time for monsters and items!


Posted: Aug 10th '12, 20:01
by listener
Des, I'm deleting it. I'm going to rewrite it better. Maybe change it completely.


You know what, thinking about it. Thank God รข??waffle didn't read that.

Posted: Aug 10th '12, 20:16
by infwaffle
Ian being missions control makes sense but that post doesn't. I'll get to my posts again eventually.

Posted: Aug 11th '12, 01:22
by listener
Crap, you saw that.


Posted: Aug 11th '12, 01:26
by infwaffle
I always get copies in my email. As soon as you post. "you'll need to figure out how to achieve the goal" I want to know btw. Goban is going to be making an assault rifle based off of Durandal's AR. Should I make my own variant or use the rubicon AR?

Posted: Aug 11th '12, 17:45
by listener
Crap, well I'm working on a newer, better version.

Posted: Aug 11th '12, 19:23
by infwaffle

Posted: Aug 12th '12, 13:27
by listener
I've always like the rubicon AR to the original AR.


Posted: Aug 12th '12, 13:31
by infwaffle
Not an answer. My question was would you like me to think of my own based off of it or just use rubicons. I can make either one fit into story.

Posted: Aug 12th '12, 16:31
by listener
Well, I'm always interested in new stuff, so go make your own would be my suggestion.

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 11:13
by infwaffle
5 Do it. I could always use something 2 more interesting in my life. Maybe it could give us a good topic.

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 16:21
by listener
Making a post, I swear!



Also Des, it would be useful if you posted that the eye-piece translated. That serves to purposes. I need to get mine back on, and it would seem weird if she just noticed. And English!

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 16:46
by infwaffle
So tell me your thoughts on my weapons. Also I'll post again some time soon.

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 17:51
by listener
An AR? Accurate? To a thousand feet?

Or is it?

I like the description, and the idea behind it, but accurate? I thought that the whole point of the AR is to be powerful up close, and weak far-away?

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 17:57
by infwaffle
You didn't read it right and missed the point. It's something based off of the AR and the 1000 5 feet was for the sniper. I didn't mean another copy that looks different, I meant another gun. I'll still have characters like Mary using the original. In the last statement did you mean marathon AR or general ARs. 1

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 18:30
by listener
Marathon ARs.. K, sorry for the mix up, I'll reread it soon. Oh, and one more thing.




Posted: Aug 13th '12, 19:11
by infwaffle
You obviously don't know that a paragraph should not be short, and I have about 5 there (didn't count). They don't take up the entire thing and are reasonably sized. Go to english class and get a good grade or read a book that has more than 500 pages.

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 20:14
by Destiny
I watched the first four episodes of Grimm. It's a pretty interesting show.

I'll get to making a post. Right now, looking over all the new stuff, such as the community commentary thread.


Change my mind. I'll get to the post tomorrow. I can't use weland on the library computers.