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Posted: Aug 13th '12, 20:52
by listener
â??waffle wrote:You obviously don't know that a paragraph should not be short, and I have about 5 there (didn't count). They don't take up the entire thing and are reasonably sized. Go to english class and get a good grade or read a book that has more than 500 pages.

Ouch. I'm the reader of the family, and I almost never go anywhere without a book. Heck, I get in trouble in school for reading when I shouldn't be. Straight A's in my English classes. And I've read plenty of books that are larger than 500 pages.

Thinking about it, I see why I sorta shy away from your posts. I'm used to a little bit more dialogue, and a line break in between different characters speaking.

And I find that you think that I am for the most part slightly illiterate offensive.


Posted: Aug 13th '12, 21:14
by infwaffle
Like I said, I'm making longer posts with more detail and more development as well as speech. The dialogue should flow and should only rarely have long gaps in between to things.

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 21:19
by listener
K, well I've got to go for right now.

Posted: Aug 13th '12, 22:12
by infwaffle
Through some very simple adjustments (basically two words) I've made a significant change about the Nightmare rifle. Due to the fact that you say the sword in a normal sword and they are obsolete, they should express surprise when they see UMBRA using the high frequency one's that will cut through hunters. (i used them before)

Posted: Aug 15th '12, 00:50
by listener
Nice post Des! And neat design waffle!

Posted: Aug 15th '12, 00:54
by infwaffle
And they wandered in from the city of St. John
Without a dime

Did you 4get our earlier conversation or did the simple fact that I made the rifle into a Gauss rifle make that much of a difference?9

Posted: Aug 15th '12, 01:06
by listener
AAAAnnndddd you lost me again.

Posted: Aug 15th '12, 01:11
by infwaffle
So you told me nice design after we discussed how you liked the Jackal 4but figured a marathon assault rifle should ignore accuracy (in game yes but this is different) then I made the note about the slight change about Zoe's new rifle now edited to become a coil-gun. However you suddenly praised me for a good design with no warning.


Posted: Aug 15th '12, 01:24
by listener
Let me rephrase. That was a short post. I wasn't really talking about the gun. I was talking about the UMBRA team. Rereading through it seemed like they really, balanced each other out.

Posted: Aug 15th '12, 01:27
by infwaffle
Yeah. They can do a lot of stuff. Like I said, they should have some level of intimidation and/or that "Glad they're on our side". They aren't cheap with the jobs though and only pick certain ones that will either have high 4 pay or be for free depending on the situation-7.

Posted: Aug 15th '12, 13:30
by listener
Well, the certainly have enough intimidation...

Oh, ohohoh! Clever you.

WELL, sneaky you.


Posted: Aug 15th '12, 18:55
by infwaffle
That took you long enough. And why 8?

Posted: Aug 15th '12, 19:10
by Destiny
7 seems a much better number.

No new post... time to map!!

Posted: Aug 16th '12, 01:26
by listener
Well I'm counting up...



Anyway. Question time. Does anyone ever read a story, and just this. "hey, this piece of music would go perfect here!"

Posted: Aug 16th '12, 01:31
by infwaffle
You're a fool. Really, YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S COUNTING DOWN. (manipulation and confusion is always fun) 7. Thank you for going 39 numbers down.

Posted: Aug 16th '12, 01:48
by listener

I give up for now.

Posted: Aug 16th '12, 01:58
by infwaffle
I'm not sure I care what you mean, but it'll be different for 6 like I said.

Do it.

Posted: Aug 16th '12, 02:06
by infwaffle
Alright. Don't forget that what ever it is I probably won't care unless you're doing what caused me to stop my map work 5. The sociopath thing is more literal than you might think.

Posted: Aug 16th '12, 14:28
by infwaffle
To be honest, I'm a bit curious as to what you mean, but since nothing has changed, either you failed, or it's a troll tactic that would make me look for nothing. Or you're just screwing around. 4

I think deleting that post was a good idea listener.

Posted: Aug 17th '12, 11:32
by listener
I wrote it. And immediately regretted it.

Sorry for no quote here, but about Irons. I knew that logposter said that he was Irons, but after so long on here, I've learned to doubt everything. (And you have something to do about that.)

Feeble mind? Why do you say that? I might not get my ideas across very well online, but still...

I swear I'll post for EFM soon. But for now? Cross-country practice....

Posted: Aug 17th '12, 20:22
by Destiny
Yeah. I'm usually listening to something whenever I'm on the computer.

Hey, anyone think it would be interesting to see Marathon as an anime?

Posted: Aug 17th '12, 20:32
by infwaffle
I'll post eventually. I just got back from the hospital and my head hurts quite a bit. The right side of my head is numb, and i'm bleeding in my mouth so I'm having fun. 3

Posted: Aug 17th '12, 20:33
by Destiny
Well that's disturbing... O_o

Trying to figure out what to write for a post right now.

Man... I have no motivation today for making a post. Didn't know strange frogs could take so much motivation away.

Posted: Aug 17th '12, 21:48
by listener
@â??waffle- What happened?

@Asylum- ...

@Des- Sure, it would be interesting, but why?

Posted: Aug 21st '12, 19:39
by Destiny
Sorry for no post yesterday. Couldn't get on the Pfhorums for some strange reason. Probably won't be able to do a post today, either, since I got a computer with half an hour.

@Listener: Chains of Dreams is getting close to being finished. I'll send you a copy once the terminal text is finished.