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Posted: Aug 21st '12, 21:33
by infwaffle
So yeah the pfhorums crashed for a bit and I made a quick, short, and lazy post that I'll actually post once someone else does. I'm waiting for you and am now doing alot of things. 2

Posted: Aug 22nd '12, 23:04
by listener
Hey guys, sorry to say this, but my time online is going to get a lot more... varied. (I.E. I'll be on when I can)
With School, Cross-country practice, and homework, there's not going to be a lot of time for me to be on... Some this should ease up after the season though.

Moving on.

@Des- K. I'll play though it as fast as I can. My off-line computer time will be a lot better. And the forums did a IPD driver error. There was something wrong with the servers. Meh, at least it wasn't a 502 error.

I'll try to post real quick

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 00:05
by listener
@Des.... Why no post?

And I'm working on testing the map. So far it seems pretty well done! :D

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 00:13
by infwaffle
Because you're lazy, should do it your self, should be able to do as much as I do and more while still posting a bit. I don't need to hear you complain about being overworked until I see something that convinces me you really are doing alot. You're not the only 1

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 01:10
by listener
1. I posted last. I might be able to post another filler with Ian, but I'll check.

2. K. Sorry about complaining. I was stressed, and took it out though writing. I do admit that there are a lot of people that do a lot more than I do.

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 01:13
by infwaffle
Thank you for the straight answer. I'll post this weekend. 0

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 21:58
by FlawedIntellect
Destiny wrote:Yeah. I'm usually listening to something whenever I'm on the computer.

Hey, anyone think it would be interesting to see Marathon as an anime?
Well, it would make an interesting anime, if it were done '80s style hand-drawn with loads of layers of shading, elaborately detailed-looking explosions, dual-wielding madness (including dual-wielding Zeus Class Fusion Pistols, which was, sadly, not possible in the games.), a touch of cheesiness all piled on top of an epic story told through the AIs speaking and the efforts of the marine. Plus, some of the enemies that didn't make it into the final game would show up in the anime.

But eh, the discussion of this idea seems dead, so... yeah... Sorry.

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 22:44
by listener
Hey, this whole thread has degraded into a chat thread. The main focus is EFM, but anyone can contribute to it.

And thinking about what you said... Yeah, it does seem like an awesome idea.

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 23:45
by FlawedIntellect
listener wrote:Hey, this whole thread has degraded into a chat thread. The main focus is EFM, but anyone can contribute to it.

And thinking about what you said... Yeah, it does seem like an awesome idea.
Well, watching Bubblegum Crisis helped me think that '80s anime would be the best way to go about it. Macross is also a great example, though you'd want it looking like the movie "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" because of the shading and high-quality animation. Also, considering how ships are animated in anime, if you watch episode 5 of Bubblegum Crisis and the Macross TV series and Movie, and watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes, you'll see how hand-drawn animators can create a stunning illusion of 3D ships with pure hand-drawn animation. It's amazing! ^^

Though these are more inspirations in terms of the way the ships are handled through hand-drawn animation and level of detail, rather than plot styles that one would want to see Marathon in. If anything, though, '80s style is one of the best directions to go with anime if there were to ever be a Marathon anime, at least in terms of details and layers of shading needed to create a colorful, detailed, yet terrifying (and sometimes comedic) atmosphere.

Plus, voices for the AIs with dialogue straight from the game. I'd hope that the original designs of stuff would be stuck to for some things, while other things being redesigned to be more "realistic" in terms of how architecture and the like would be handled. Still, it would be nice if they kept to how the original was in terms of plot, and sequels. Granted, this is little more than a fantasy of what such an anime would be like, but it's a cool idea nonetheless.

Posted: Aug 25th '12, 23:51
by infwaffle
Oh wow, a new person (cannot represent my emotionless voice here). From the looks of it you're here (here) just for the hell of it and are actually interested in the things that go on. Very good. (Like I said, I'll post later.) -1 I've won.

Eh, I just made a lazy post. Have fun.

Posted: Aug 27th '12, 20:22
by Destiny
Sorry guys, but I'm dropping out of the roleplay. School is going to be starting soon, and even though that wouldn't effect roleplaying, I seriously can't do both this and also map. I really want to get to work on something new.

For my characters, you can do whatever you want with them, but please don't give them a death as strange or worse as Frank (got killed by running into Mikhail's cane). As to why Jack wanted to kill Mikhail, which I hadn't told yet, Mikhail gave the order to kill Jack's sister.

Posted: Aug 27th '12, 20:31
by infwaffle
That's fun and all but gave an order? I think I know what you mean but I can't think of why you'd say he gave an order. Elaborate.

Posted: Aug 27th '12, 20:33
by Destiny
She was getting close to discovering him and the stuff he had planned.

Posted: Aug 27th '12, 20:40
by infwaffle
I don't recall this. Have you ignored the stuff I have given you to use and decided to alter my back-stories?

Posted: Aug 27th '12, 20:47
by Destiny

It could always be changed to something else, or so on. I anyways quit, remember? It's time I get started on working on a new scenario.

Posted: Aug 27th '12, 20:49
by infwaffle
It's about time too. Time for you to do something useful. I only do this because it is something to do (I lost my work so many times that I just said fuck this. There was more to it than that though.)

Posted: Aug 27th '12, 21:00
by Destiny
Meh. I gotta go. Later.

Posted: Aug 28th '12, 01:12
by listener

Oh well, we had a good run, didn't we? I'll take over the characters, sure, but did you have a plan for them?
Even if you did quit, remember that you're always welcome to post a surprise post with one of "your characters"

You'll still be around posting, right? If not, I'll miss our randomness conversations.
School started last week for me, sooo... enjoy your last days of freedom.

And I'll send you a PM soon with my testing... report(?). It seemed pretty solid.

Posted: Aug 28th '12, 01:18
by infwaffle
Hey btw. Change that reason to kill the guy to something that I actually wrote (maybe something like the guy he fought at the end of M1). Just make it consistent. I'll have Mikhail show up eventually for it.

Posted: Aug 28th '12, 19:31
by Destiny
Don't worry. I'll still be around.

Posted: Sep 2nd '12, 23:30
by listener
Sorry for not being on. Isaac is playing havoc with my internet connection, so I'll be varied for a while.
@Des. I can't do anything with CoM for a little bit, so I probably can't give you specific feedback right now, but I liked it a lot.


I can't think of what to write for EFM.

Also, Des, is there the possiblity of you joining back up later on?

Posted: Sep 3rd '12, 19:16
by Destiny
No. Sorry. I really want to get back to mapping again, and when I mean mapping, I mean big stuff.

Posted: Sep 8th '12, 15:18
by listener
Hey guys, the motivation to post on EFM is now gone (hopefully temporarily). I vote that we just let it be for a while, either that or just let it die with dignity before it degrades into meaningless nothingness.

Posted: Sep 8th '12, 15:21
by infwaffle
Shut up, I'm on break.

Posted: Sep 8th '12, 16:44
by listener
Just ignore my previous post then. I'll post and get back into the groove soon then.

Just slap me or something whenever I get into pointless territory.