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Posted: May 4th '08, 03:04
by RyokoTK
What is Infinitys?
This is a Chat variant that's directed towards the inherently "stupid" posts. Chat exists for the slightly more mature topics, where discussion could be held. Infinitys exists for more spur-of-the-moment joke topics, random insanity, forum games, and all of that other stuff.

The Rules
Infinitys falls under all of the same rules as any other board. This is not the Pigeon Lounge. Spamming isn't allowed on this board, or any other. NWS content still has to be flagged. Excessive flaming and trolling will still be disallowed.

A crucial note
Posts on Infinitys will not show up on "View New Posts." You will have to manually visit the board to see if there are any new posts here.

What kind of stupid name is Infinitys?

Posted: May 6th '08, 07:55
by MarsMartianMan
What's Infinitys?

Posted: May 6th '08, 19:56
by Shadowbreaker
RyokoTK wrote:What kind of stupid name is Infinitys?
I appear to be banned. lol.

Posted: Mar 1st '10, 04:02
by gmanyo
The link is broken, man. INFINITYS no longer exists.

Posted: Mar 1st '10, 04:24
by irons

Posted: Jan 14th '11, 06:56
by Furray