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Posted: Sep 12th '18, 07:45
by Meerjel01
So I’m back at it again. This time with another 3DS game.

Braiholler is a Marathon inspired sci-fi that isn’t an FPS. It’s a low poly platformer with a deep storyline and has more uniqueness then other games of today. It’s about the SPO (The Swedish humans) and yet another one of my alien races. I haven’t started with it yet but what I where thinking it would be like might keep it from being another canceled game. I can also not start right now cause I’m not allowed to have my computer yet. (Every time on this day) I’m typing this from an IPAD so this might just wait till I get my workplace back.

I am posting this here because I want to make sure that the project will be made. You people are more knowing about this sort of setting that I am planning on doing so I want ideas and advise from you all. I’m exited to work with someone here really and want to have something done for once. I’ll post minor information about Braiholler here sooner and see if I get some help with it.

And to clear things off. I had signed into the Nintendo Developers site for quite awhile ago and can make the game in the console.

Re: Braiholler

Posted: Sep 13th '18, 06:43
by Meerjel01
Couldn't get Unity to work for 3DS development. Braiholler will still be a console game (Cause it's too good for any computer system) so it might be released on Playstation and Xbox if there's no way to release it on the Switch.

EDIT: Needs to change the name to something else. Maybe Zeun?

Re: Braiholler

Posted: Sep 17th '18, 12:46
by Meerjel01
Okay. I'll try with the 3DS idea again and see if I get somewhere. And I'll make Zeun a 2D point and click game because that's what I do.

Not like I get any replies here. Just saying.