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Posted: Oct 21st '10, 12:52
by LegacyTyphoon
He didn't even spell pigeon right wrong.
tbcr wrote:(Like I'm gonna take a f****** ruler into the bathroom)
That seems like a suitable use of time.

Posted: Oct 24th '10, 22:10
by CryoS
Miak wrote:You on EU or the NA server?
Miak wrote:Who the FUCK cares?

Posted: Oct 24th '10, 22:34
by BoBsBrother
tbcr wrote:I dont even want to think about it............

Ugh. Neither do I.

Posted: Oct 25th '10, 08:28
by kamikaze22
$lave wrote:Enjoy, and remember to threaten others how you want them to threaten you

I kill your goat child with an ax!

Posted: Nov 15th '10, 16:26
by Fishman92
It was basically to piss me off (but it took a day or two)
Lol I'd get used to it or leave now.

Posted: Nov 16th '10, 03:05
by Dis
That;s right, if you're under the age of consent THE WORLD HATES YOU.