From: Marathon: Infested *IMPORTANT UPDATE*

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Have you considered toning down your single player? I know that I'm very unlikely to play a TC online, just like I'm very unlikely to play a TC in single-player, but a 2-3 level "story" ( it does not need a great story ) would be nice. I could have a good hour or so playing with the interesting guns and aliens, while checking out the sights.

If you were previously of the mindset "infinity length story or no story at all!" you might consider this.

EDIT: If you just trying to get it released and off your HDD, that would probably be good for you. You might consider releasing it as you stated, then for your next project JUST create a campaign. Instead of working on textures, guns and bad guys like you did with Infested, you could focus on creating a small campaign for Infested without changing anything about it, like someone would for Infinity.

It would probably be a good follow up to a TC project, since it removes those stresses and lets you focus on a part of the game that may have been neglected.
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