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Introduce yourself here!
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Hey everyone!
Glad to be here. I'm Vahouzn.

Me and my older brother (7year gap) had been playing marathon games since before i can remember.
I was mostly subject to durandal and â??, but i remember being a very young child and watching him
play multiplayer against my sister.

The story of marathon, specifically the essence of the ideas behind timelessness, escape, and
existing beyond physical means to a point where you can fight off the inevitability of reality.

I'm an artist currently working at Arcosanti, Arizona in the 'states.
and wish to re-introduce marathon's philosophy back into my work.

I play through one of the games or its expansions about once a year, and would love to be doing
so right now if not for a broken arm.

thanks for having me.
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Welcome to the Pfhorums! [MSmile]
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Welcome. Hope that arm heals soon!
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