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Hey gang, my name is Veneteaou and I finally decided I should be posting if I'm going to be lurking. I got pulled back into the Marathon games a few months back (through PiD actually), and in the process of scouring info from the internet ended up here. It's cool to see an active community after so many years.

I'm a stay-at-home dad now who spends what little free time I have screwing around with art, music, writing, and (more recently) game design, programming, and learning Unity3D. Looking at PiD and Marathon, I'm considering goofing off with these hobbies to do some fun Bungie fan stuff.

Anyhoo, hey all.
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Born on Board
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Heya! Welcome to the Pfhorums, it's pretty nice here (though admittedly I'm still on the new side myself).
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Mjolnir Mark IV
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Welcome new member. It would be interesting to see what you'll do, since most of the time there's nothing really happening around here.
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