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Well holy shizcakes.

I believe I was last here around about 5 years ago when I could barely type, use grammar or understand forums. Now I feel i've just about accomplished those 3 great tasks and in light of my playing through the trilogy again - now that I actually have a hope of understanding it's plot - i've kind of gotten reinvested in the world of Marathon (especially the philosophy side of things). Anyway, I thought i'd stop by. Now I'm back, I'll probably be floating around leaving a few posts here and there, reading some stuff and just generally being a pain in the ass as I was, am and perpetually will be.

So... yeah. Hi. Again.

P.S. In light of this experience, i'd kind of like to change my name to something more suited to the forum rather than a completely out-of-place screen-name. If someone could help me out with that, that'd be just lovely (but I have to think of one first).
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